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Fiverr won't let me withdraw funds


I am a new seller here. I have withdrawn funds previously using Payoneer. I had no issue withdrawing funds from Fiverr the first time I tried it. But now the buttons are not working. They are faded out for some reason. When the mouse hovers over them it says “withdrawal in progress.” But it’s not. I never initiated one and the buttons have looked that way for days and nothing has shown up either in my PayPal account or my Payoneer account.

Has anybody has this issue and resolved it?

Please help. I need to get access to these funds ASAP.


Do you have more than $20 in your balance?

Yes. I have more than $20. It’s in the hundreds.

Please try again after the 24 hours,
Sometimes it shows an error but don’t worry and keep patience.

wait for sometime, if the issue is not resolving, I suggest to contact support.

Thanks. They resolved the issue. I’m not sure what the problem was but it’s fixed now.