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Fiverr won't remove negative review but customer never delivered needed info. Really?

Am I missing something? I had a customer order a gig, wrote a note to me that wasn’t of the information needed, but their note activated the gig. Then customer decided he couldn’t provide the information needed. But they did it near the deadline. When I did not deliver because I didn’t have the info, he wanted to cancel. Before I had the time to cancel my order was marked late. The customer wrote “canceled, didn’t provide work on time”. THEY NEVER PROVIDED ME WITH THE INFO! When I contacted fiverr all they told me was that they couldn’t remove the comment. I don’t understand why not. There was NEVER anything to deliver? So the buyer can write what they want now? Is there something else that can be done?

Why didn’t you cancel it before it’s too late? Ask for information, if still not provide, cancel right there.

That is right we can’t prevent arrogant and stupid customers but cancelling it away is better than risking your reputation rate, its just $5 anyways.