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Fiverr wont remove negative review


This is so frustrating.

Earlier this week, I got a client who ordered a podcast cover from me. My gig is express delivery (24 hours)
It was weekend and I was working at the church, and I got caught up with a couple of stuff at home.

I was late in delivering one of my orders,
When I was about to upload, I noticed the client cancelled the order. (leaving a negative review posted automatically by fiverr system). I contacted him and asked him if he could re-order because I’m done with the design and was about to upload. He is very friendly and he reordered. He said he got an email from fiverr suggesting an order cancellation.

So he re-ordered. Posted the same instruction, same work, its the same project. There’s not even a single word in the instruction that was changed. I uploaded the files. He loved my design. we went on a couple of revisions and then he marked the order as completed and posted a positive 5 star review.

So, I contacted the customer service and ask them if the negative review caused by the order cancellation may be removed. It’s because the buyer basically reordered the gig and he posted 5star review. It’s basically the same job.
I got a reply and the customer service agent, said it was against the TOS to remove the review? I don’t see the point? the Buyer posted a positive 5 star review for the job he re-ordered.

So I contacted my buyer, and asked him if there is in any way, the negative review be removed because of the obvious reason. He apologized to me and sent a ticket to Fiverr CS.

This is his message to me:

"Yes, definitely. I want to remove that review. Its unintentional. I just left the following message on the Support ticket. I’ll let you know. It is REQUEST #1899749.

I received my podcast artwork design from my designer (conceptzpro) and am very happy with it. In fact, I left him a 5-star review for it.
Unfortunately, before I received it the 24-hour period expired. I received an email from Fiverr that the design was late so I cancelled the order and gave a reason. The designer messaged me in a matter of seconds and said the design was ready. I then reordered and he finished the design for me, which I then gave him a 5-star review.
Both of my reviews are now showing for him but I would like to remove/delete the 1-star rating.
How do I do that?
Thank you,

Then earlier this day, the customer service agent named MARTIN sent me an email, and “accused” me of order manipulation and they will not remove the 1 star review. I’M SO PISSED OFF. I did not threated the buyer or make him do what he doesn’t want to do. I just raised up the issue that negative review as been posted (which I think he-thebuyer- has no idea happened). I asked him politely if he can contact the Fiverr CS to raise up the issue. How can I have the manipulation there?

When I opened my account today, There is a banner up top with an account warning that says:
To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you do not try to manipulate or find workarounds to “trick” our system. This is considered as improper behavior and a violation of our Terms of Service.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

Now what shall I do? There is no point in contacting Customer Service. My rating just dropped from 100% to 98%. Kinda big deal for me who is starting to build up my profile. I got no late deliveries (aside from this one). Finished all my orders with 5 star rating.

I feel so betrayed.


Something similar happened to me.

It’s the system, man. In the old days of Fiverr, the only choices a buyer had was thumbs up or thumbs down. Now they get three categories of stars.

Honestly, sometimes it’s better to reply the review and move on. A buyer that gives you a review is obviously not interested in a refund, and refunding the order doesn’t remove the negative review. You could ask your buyer to change the review, but then if Fiverr finds out, you’ll get an account warning.


Thanks for the reply… Did you read the entire post man?
He did not post 1 star review. It was fiverr who basically posted it. coz when an order cancellation happens, automatically there will be 1 star review.
He re-ordered, then posted 5 star. Now the buyer wants to remove the 1 star review. But fiverr don’t want to.
I cant see the reason why? This customer service agent named “Martin” doesn’t even care.

Buyer posted 5 stars.
Fiverr posted 1 star…

I’m so disappointed with the customer service. I just lost my trust to fiverr CS.


Was, was there an order cancellation because you were late? That’s the only time you get 1-star automatically.

If you’re not late, you can’t get 1 star unless the buyer hates your work and gives you 1 star.

Did you take screenshots to prove what was done to you?


Yes I was late.
I was about to upload when he cancelled.
So I contacted right away. In a matter of seconds he made another order. But with the same instruction as the previous one.


Now I contacted him and made him aware that when he cancelled the order due to late delivery, 1 star feedback has been posted.

But since e re-ordered right away, and I was able to deliver, gave all revisions he wanted, and ultimately e posted 5 star review, he might want to remove the feedback.

He said yes, and he contacted customer service.

Next thing that happened is that, Customer service messaged me and basically said I manipulated him to ask fiverr to remove the feedback?. But did I? LOL. I just informed him about the issue. How will he know if I wont message him? Now, he agrees and sent fiverr a ticket about it, yet they wont remove the feedback? why? because I informed Him that a negative review has been made? I just made him aware of it.

Do you think a happy buyer who just posted 5 star review, would even bother to look over my profile occasionally and check if there’s an unwanted review that was there?
How will he know there is this existing issue?


They are not your friend. Remember this. They care little about the mechanics of your business on the fiverr platform. They only care about the rules and bend them here and there sometimes when they feel like it. (leaving us confused for the most part)

  • In short, they don’t really care about you. You can take my word for it , or eventually find this out for yourself. I’ll be here to say “told ya so” =)

In my case , I had several videos displaying what went wrong in the communication with a buyer whom I later found out was a huge internet scammer. No amount of proof would be suffice to have fiverr realize this guy ordered improperly , demanded stuff that he didn’t want to pay for , and got leave a bad review due to his own incompetence. Fiverr support doesnt care. Save this one for a rainy day…


When that happens automatically I don’t think you can do anything about it.


There’s one lesson here - don’t be late. If you can’t meet the deadline due to other commitments at weekends, extend your delivery times and/or message your buyer to let them know so that they don’t cancel when they get the automated message from Fiverr. If you know you’re at risk of not meeting a deadline on an existing order, raise a dispute to ask for an extension.

I’m not saying CS were right to leave the review but the tools were at your disposal to prevent this occurring.


Thanks for the replies Guys.

The problem got fixed. I became persistent on contacting the CS and tried to make them understand from my point of view. Did it in a polite manner, until i made myself clear. My buyer also contacted them a couple of times to have the negative feedback removed (good for me).
Here’s the message by Fiverr CS:

Mitch Yesterday at 19:51
Hello there,

Sorry for the confusion. We apologize.

Feedback is removed from the order page, as your buyer has requested it without any manipulation originating from you.

Let us know if anything else needs to be addressed.

I noticed the guy who attended the concern is not the same CS representative that sent me those “blood-boiling” stuff (LOL). The first one is named “Martin”, this one is named “Mitch”.

The first CS Representative, Martin, is sending what seems to be automated messages. While “Mitch”, is more “human” and understanding.

Probably computer generated messages…

So lesson learned as well, If you know you are right, and dont violate TOS. Be persistent and patient (and be friendly on your emails to the CS, might help alot.). In my case, i was patient in sending them follow-up emails and letting them understand that there’s no violation whatsoever on TOS. I did not offer anything to the buyer in exchange of feedback removal. This is against TOS. What i did is, I just inform him that he can contact CS to remove the feedback. Its not “manipulation”. The buyer wants the negative review removed by his own will. So why would fiverr not allow that to happen? That was the content of my email to them.

They apologized and removed the feedback.


I got similar experience , one of my usual buyers left me a negative rating. Once I messaged the buyer he said that he sent me couple of messages and I did not respond. I couldnt figure how this happened. when I checked the order page, there were no messages. however once I checked the order page with mobile app there were 5 messages sent by the buyer, So clearly I had a negative because of a bug in fiverr. I apologized to the buyer and delivered the design again. He tried to remove the negative and new system does no allowed him to do so. I contacted the customer support and they rejected to remove the negative even though the buyer messaged me he wants to remove the negative and the reason for the issue it bugs in fiverr.

Monthly earnings bug

Please read the post before moaning. In this post, the issue was resolved. In the other post, your issue was the opposite of the buyer’s issue.

Please read. It’s a useful skill.


I said i got similar experience, not same experience . sorry if offend you and BTW just out of curiosity are you from FIVERR police


No. Just put your thing in your own thread instead of spamming others without reading the issue. It makes you look bad. IF you want to call me the police for stating the truth then bhai, I don’t know what to tell you except :rolling_eyes:


BTW: why are you doing such low level moaning with 4500+ reviews? Jeez.


hey, I do care about my reviews and that is how I got 4500 reviews. even top rated sellers has issues since this system is not perfect. Maybe you want to be the fiverr guru or be the guy who helps out everyone and and feel yourself wanted or reach some self esteemed level. I really dont mind. please do not ruin others posts. they post it cos they need help


That’s exactly what I was saying, funnily enough. I’m glad we’re on the same page.


i’m going through the same issue. My buyer messaged CS to remove their review and then Fiverr said I was “manipulating” and tricking my buyer when in fact I did not. I am still trying to get this issue resolved. This is completely unfair for me as a seller.


yes, they put my account under warning too. Reviews are important, but there are mistakes and bugs which needs to be carefully evaluated and exempted


I don’t know if Fiverr does this, but it’s common in business to give automated programs names. So “Martin” might be a computer program.

It’s not the same thing as @fastcopywriter (offering a refund in exchange for a review change, even if that’s not what they meant to do).

You wrote a message that triggered an autoresponse. Fiverr needs to quit relying on programs to think. I do think Fiverr needs to scale back the warning crap until they can get their automatic programs under control.

I wonder if they had a professor from Urbana, Illinois write some new AI for them. HAL, you there?