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Fiverr wont respond to me and I don't know why

So I needed my money from Fiverr soon because I finally have enough money to order a VR headset and want to order as soon as possible. I went to setup a bank transfer but it was declined because it is only 16 years old and not overage. What we decided to do was use my fathers bank account and he would transfer the money into my account through the bank. When we went to link my fathers bank out, it didn’t let us because it was disabled since the first one was declined. It said I had to contact Fiverr support to let us setup a bank account. I did, 5 days ago. I have sent about 3 other support tickets in the past about something different and they responded within 2 - 3 days. This is frustrating me because I earned this money and I can’t even get it. Does anyone know why it’s taking so long or if they will respond?


They are understaffed and can take up to a week. Sending more tickets won’t solve the problem, they could put you behind the queue for doing this.


It’s the same here, I submitted an application 16 days ago. To which no clear answer has been received from any team member yet.

Do they eventually respond to everyone?