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Fiverr won't stop notifying me about gig optimization?

This pops up like 5+ times a day. I don’t want to make the changes it suggests when I click on the link. Anyone know how I can disable this? Is it a bug?

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I remember that alert popping up like a month ago when Fiverr rolled out offering some template gig image backgrounds. It’s weird that you are getting that alert now and so often. :thinking:

It also seems a little bit insulting that some automated Fiverr alert would repeatedly trigger, thinking a TRS (in your case) needs to do a better job of optimizing her gigs.


There are so many instances of this on Fiverr besides the one I mentioned here. Fiverr still reminds me to try to upsell my extras any time I mention the word “order” in an active-order conversation (so - EVERY order, every day… 5-10x a day), scolding me for using the word “voicemail” on my VOICEMAIL GIG, I mean… I could go on all day about it. :joy: I would love if Fiverr stopped adding useless fluff to the website and fixed the stuff that’s been plaguing sellers for years.


Do you want to swap that against my “You have 1 new buyer requests! Be the first to make an offer. Check them out” notifications several times a day? I want to edit my Gigs but constantly put it off, that might make me do it out of desperation for the notification to perhaps disappear :wink:

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That’s equally annoying! I can’t remember ever having a buyer request notification. Why is Fiverr like this :crazy_face:

It’s most probably meant in a nice way, to cheer us on, Fiverr being kawaii. :smile_cat:

Do you think Fiverr devs and staff have a forum and Ranting Pot too, where they now rant about us ranting about their new ideas? :upside_down_face:


Haha! I hope they do, to be honest. We’re all suffering in our own special way :joy:

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I also kept getting that notification and it turns out they added the ability to tag photos in the gallery, and want you to do that to better ‘optimize your gig’

Hi Everyone, Good day! I also received 3 times, if i don’t my gig will affected ? Thank you :slight_smile:

You can turn this off under “seller plus” tab

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