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Fiverr world map?



I have been checking fiverr world map countries, and I cam by this (see the attached image).

Since when is that a country? I have not been aware that there’s a country there, it must be an error by fiverr.

I know it’s not important, I just wanted to say it :stuck_out_tongue:


@wingle. It DOES in fact have a purpose.

It let’s everyone know how many sales you have made since joining Fiverr.

Even if you delete a gig because it has got some negatives, you can still see the total number of sales using the world map.

Just mouse over the highlighted Countries to see how many sales the seller has made in total, in that Country.

Basically. If I sell gigs that keep getting negative ratings. Deleting them and starting again. I can’t hide it. My total sales in that gig may say… 5 positive. Then, if you check the map the buyer may notice I’ve sold 100 gigs. And wonder why I deleted them.


=)) Looks like Morocco invaded the bottom of Western Sahara. Maybe it’ll be on the BBC soon. Stay tuned!


Reply to @cheezees: It seems that fiverr is now predicting the future! :smiley:


This is the One and ONLY Useless thing on Profiles :smiley:


Reply to @wingle: Still, I like to see where my clients were from :smiley:

Goal->"World Domination!"

They should have made a small strategy game at that map, just for fun :smiley:

But I know they never listen to the suggestions, they just come up with some reason, even if the idea is very usefull (like an online chat bar like in facebook, and maybe a chatroom too), and can make a better communication and faster buisness and in return more gains for fiverr.

I don’t even know why they made a section in the forums for suggestions!