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Fiverr, would it be possible to have more pricing options?

I recently raised my pricing, and was a little discouraged to see that there was no $30 option. It skips from $5 to $10, then $20, $40, $50. While I understand topping off what a level 2 seller can ask for, it would be nice to either have it go up in five dollar increments, or be a consistent ten dollar increment. The $30 option would be awesome to have, since, to me, it seems like such a big leap to go from $20 to $40. But I can’t help but think that it effects buyers as well.

Just a thought and one that I do hope you take in to consideration.



Why can’t you have buyers buy multiples of $5 from the drop down, is that not working for you properly? This is just a random sample.

But in this case you would have to spell out in your gig how many to buy…or do custom quotes and tell the buyer how many to buy.

Reply to @sincere18: I understand what you’re saying, it’d just be so much easier to have that amount already there and beside the gig extra. I like to have it as easy as possible for my clients, and to have it to where it’s super easy for them just to click on what they need, and not have to buy extra quantities of something. I think that would get confusing. It’s just simpler to have “Copy edit $15” instead of, “to purchase copy editing, be sure and click “x” this many times to cover that cost.” Like I said, I totally understand, but would like to take that step out.

Thanks for the response!