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Fiverr writers beware

I don’t know if this is strictly allowed, but I’m not going to post the buyer’s name, so I’ll just assume that it is and someone can inform me if I’ve done something wrong.

Writers, there’s a buyer out there asking for content for his college textbook buyback website. He seems really nice at first, but once you deliver, he turns nasty. He will call you a “stupid b*tch” and claim that you’ve completely failed to follow his instructions, but when you ask how exactly you haven’t followed the instructions, he won’t be able to give you any examples of where you’ve failed.

He sent me writing done by another writer, which was, admittedly, probably not written by someone whose native language is English. It’s obvious that he’s done this to at least one other seller, probably recycling the same $10 over and over again.

Sorry if this isn’t allowed, but this has been a saga, starting yesterday morning and culminating in the order being cancelled by CS this morning after I refused three times to give him a cancellation (according to Fiverr’s TOS, buyers aren’t entitled to refunds because they “didn’t like” the result, if the result adhered to the instructions the seller is given and fulfills the requirements of the gig) and I am very tired, frustrated, and really, really angry at Fiverr right now.

Yeeesh, that sucks. I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. Did you or your buyer contact CS first, and did you point out his verbal abuse and all you’ve said here with screenshots etc? I’d appeal to CS if I were you, but maybe not right now if you’re still really mad at Fiverr (I know I would be!) Commiserations.

Well, you can always try your luck–it’s probably a waste of time, though. Did they not contact you first? Perhaps you should have slightly altered the file a bit, since if you re-delivered the same file you might have fallen foul of some arcane delivery TOS, that’s about all I’ve got.

I know what you mean about the request modification and launching into a full on rant. The last one I just clicked cancel (it was only $25, and I couldn’t be bothered to deal with someone who was accusing me of not speaking English). The buyer said they would “accept” the cancellation if I apologized. I didn’t, and 3 days later… (lol).

Sometimes angry buyers with pitchforks take it to CS before I do, but so far I’ve won every dispute. I have one going on now (from a June order, no less…) from someone who wants a refund and complained that I never gave her a revision. CS was all “you should have done a revision, the buyer gave you loads of information”. I pointed out exactly how useless the information was and how it was all already incorporated into the original file delivered, and they agreed to write back to the seller on my behalf requesting she send such-and-such information.

Haven’t heard back from them since. I like to imagine that they got angry and/or gave up. All this over another $25… sheesh. I hardly need add the the original file was an About Us and it was like getting blood out of a stone for information (“we’re a family run place…I think…”)

Difficult really, I take each mad client on their own demerit. The latter seller is, of course, outta luck for reviews and will only get a refund with Fiverr’s discretion. If I get the info, I’ll do the modification–but not a moment before. It’s like a fun game! /s

I’m stuck in this type of situation too. You are right, it is now laughable, although part way through the scenario I was losing sleep!

  1. Tried to get me to write it ahead of the agreed time frame because “if I can write, write” and he “shouldn’t need to wait 10 days”. I went to CS but he decided he would wait. I offered to cancel at that point (I had barely started it at that time) and I dropped it with CS (I am a fool!).

  2. Delivered it on time. He asked for “changes” which were actually additions that he would give “5 stars” for if I could do it for him. I told him that I was new to Fiverr I would need to check where I stood with the TOS. He then got aggressive with me and said that my writing was unusable (hang on a minute you wanted more work from me a second ago?) I said that I wouldn’t do any more work (all the time begging for help from CS who just suggested that I talk to him about it). I kept not accepting his cancellation (on principal - there is no way this guy was getting away with bullying me). “I will never cancel” “details are known”. I told him to stop contacting me as I was finding him threatening, but he kept on doing it. Once I finally said to CS that I wanted to make sure that he couldn’t treat other people like this again they said they would escalate it.

  3. Got an apology from him as apparently there had been a death in the family that had made him “not himself”. He agreed to highlight the “errors” I had made and I agreed to add five additional sentences for him. Over a week later and he still hasn’t sent me the information that I need to complete this modification for him.

  4. Today - he wants to cancel and by not cancelling I will be causing him stress and upset as he is hurting so much right now.

I will not cancel. If CS want to overrule me so be it. And yes the money is essentially nothing but still, I deserve to be treated better.

I think I got contacted by this same buyer too! Luckily he didn’t end up placing an order. I offer 150 words for $5, and he wanted 500 words plus express delivery for $5. I guess it’s lucky for me that I wasn’t in his budget! This sounds like a bit of a nightmare though. Sorry you had to deal with it, and thanks for the warning.

Nightmare… I think you could send screenshots with his rude attitude to you to customer support. I think that makes sense. Probably it can not get un-cancelled for you, but this buyer will be “flagged” so that his next sellers don’t get scammed. You will be protecting the community.

I would report him to fiverr and I have had people do that stuff to me. Order the gig and then change what they wanted after delivery and add in things that make it a whole new article. There are some scammers out there getting free work like that. I try to just do small projects for new clients to say that we can start of there, but really I am doing a small job the first time, to see if they are like that. Never do for example, five articles for a new buyer. Do one and tell them it is to try you out, but really it is to see if they are jerks or not. I hate that happened to you. Best wishes.

I stop talking to anyone who is rude and take it immediately to customer service to be rid of them at the first hint they have issues. And if they try to cancel after I have delivered their order perfectly I do not give a refund. I can’t imagine continuing a dialog with anyone who calls me a name.

I went through something similar, myself!!! This person was looking for someone to rewrite a 15,000 word book. He asked me for a sample so I did the first couple of pages for the regular $5.00 gig. (I refuse to do anything for free anymore. I’m nice and have given away free work before not knowing) Anyhow, he liked it and ordered the rest of the work. I spent two days, no sleep, lots of coffee, working on this book and it was a gem. I did a reallllllllllly fantastic job. I delivered it, he requested a modification, and then he began to tell me how awful my English is and how he couldn’t understand what I wrote.

This guy was from another non-English speaking country, and reading his messages to me gave me a headache, but he was really frickin’ nice. I just cancelled the order because I was too upset to even bother with him anymore.

He’s selling my re-written version of this e-book on Amazon. Just saying. It was a masterpiece, and I’m looking into my rights to his sales at this point because I wasn’t paid for that.

@ginamcnamara am sorry for that. Sorry @emasonwrites and thank you for giving us a warning.

Reply to @emmaki: Instead of upfront asking to cancel, he’d “request a modification” but actually then just send me a rude message about how stupid I am and demanding that I offer him a refund IMMEDIATELY. I just kept re-delivering the same doc, politely…and then not so politely…telling him that if he couldn’t tell me what I’d done wrong, he wasn’t entitled to a refund. I assumed he’d get tired and eventually just leave me a bad review, but I guess instead he took the issue to CS. I didn’t think to contact them first, since I didn’t a) see why they would cancel the order–I hadn’t done anything wrong, and b) think he would contact them. In the future, I won’t make that mistake and the minute somebody starts being a snot, I’ll connect with CS about it.

Would it do any good to contact them now? It’s not like they’re going to un-cancel the order, is it?

Reply to @philippabriscoe: Wow, he sounds really manipulative. I’ve also had some buyers who tell me that they think my work is terrible but then want to continue buying from me. It’s a pretty ridiculous way of trying to get more out of you. It sounds like you’ve been extremely reasonable and accommodating, and I think it’s good to stand by the value of your work. I hope that CS will support you if this buyer continues to be difficult.

Reply to @mhwoolz: Thanks! CS were ok although I am still not thrilled that his account hasn’t been deactivated. I felt very much that they were not on my side and until I got firm it didn’t get escalated.

I tried to resubmit the work just to close the order off and he said that he wouldn’t accept it so I just left it sitting there for a month (it is a battle of wills more than anything).

He then sent me a message to ask me to cancel it which I just ignored. A few days after that he sent another message asking me to make some changes (although he worded it as add stuff in) and then add another question in (I was writing him an FAQ) and then he said he will finally accept so I can get my fund.

He then waited 1 minute (i’m not kidding) before sending me another message asking if I had got his message. This was all at 2am my time on Saturday morning.

I politely replied and said that I will take some time to reply as I am in England, plus it is a Saturday so there will be a delay. And then I copied a previous message where I told him that I wouldn’t do what he asked and reiterated that he would need to take it up with CS if he is unhappy with that decision.

I’m not going to bother flagging it with CS again unless they contact me from his perspective.

The saga continues…

Reply to @ginamcnamara: At the very least, he doesn’t have copyrights to use your work. If he didn’t pay for the work, then the copyrights never reverted to him, so you may be able to use that to at least get him to take down the ebook.