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Fiverr, you need to do something with protecting your sellers


Dear Fiverr! I woke up today that one of my buyers, who happened to leave 3 x 5* ratings, so definitely not unhappy with my service, simply filed a paypal charge back or something. Her account is not available, like she never existed, and all her three gigs were cancelled.

  1. It screws up my cancellation rates
  2. It steals money from me
  3. It steals money from you.

You need to step up against such charge backs, especially if the client was genuinely happy, do not grant automatically the money back to Paypal. If it is not possible, man up and take the risk, do not strip your sellers from their hard earned revenue! Your 20% + $2 should cover losses like that.

This is frustrating that sellers are working hard for being scammed.

Order cancelled after completion 2 weeks later

happened to me on THREE $200 orders, over 2 months later… truth is its theft… CS would do nothing


This is also not the first time it happened to me, hence my frustrated email.


I’m sorry this happened to you. Sometimes CS has contested it with Paypal especially if there is more than one from the same buyer so you could ask them if they will do that. I’m hoping they say yes. Wishing for a good outcome for such a nice person as you.

edit: I see you sent the message to CS.

When someone files a Paypal chargeback their account is removed so that’s why her account is gone.

Our accounts should not get penalized when this happens.


I have not sent this to CS - only addressed it to them here on the forum. I am aware the reason the user disappeared is because Fiverr delete’s their account, but still. Fiverr should stand up against Paypal. The customer left 3x glowing 5 star reviews, clearly she just wanted her money back for a service she used. In my book that is called theft.


Pay-Pal reversals are possible.can’t speak for Fiverr but my EBay account had a couple. As long as you state your case they will reverse it.


I will not even accept an order of over $80 anymore because of the PayPal chargeback issue. I am not willing to take a chance on losing any more than that.

The trouble is, we as the seller cannot contest our payback with Paypal because the :moneybag: is paid to Fiverr and therefore they must contest it. :confused:


:no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face: I don’t know what to say man, but if it happened to me, I’d like to see those people broke, on the streets


Horrible Experience, it’s not only fiverr’s money, it is your hard work, your skill and your time. He made a chargeback, that is definitely not your fault. If there is chargeback, why should it become from you. You worked for it right?


That sucks, hope I never get one


You should, there’s a big change you will get your money back. I had one chargeback a few weeks ago and I made a ticket, they said that cannot be 100% that I will be able to get my money back, but they will try. Fortunately I got my $45 in a few hours.


What we can only do is provide our services at it’s best and rest will take care by Fiverr :blush:


So sorry to hear that. I’m a new seller here. It’s really frustrating issue. Hope Fiverr fix this issue. Best of luck


Sorry to hear that. It happened to me as well. I involved CS and they seems replied with some preset text. This is unbearable as the fault is not yours but you lose everything. Not just money you also lose the effort you put on.


I am "Enjoying " this almost every month. Nothing seller could do about it. :frowning:


This still a huge problem from Fiverr…,
They must think something to prevent scam buyer like this…,
Hopefully, they will solve this problem soon,


Unlikely, this has been going on for years, and I mean many years since I am a seller of 8 years…


Will try, as soon as I have some disposable time. Talking to CS always feel like time I never get back from my life…


They need to not have chargebacks count against our cancellations analytics. It’s bad enough to be taken advantage of that way without also having it affect our levels.


Actually fiverr can make some new deal with PayPal, now they are not ‘startup’ anymore like a decade ago, they should ‘big’ enough to deal with PayPal about this issue to protect their valuable seller. They need a solution for this.