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Fiverr you need to fix this error urgently! help me please sos

I have been working so hard on fiverr for the past 3 to 4 years to build my ratings and ranking which whent all the way to the top I was making like 20 orders a day, I then decided to take a short break with my kids and some time last month I put vacation mode on and when I came back from my short break my gig got dropped from the recommended category I went from first page ranking and disappeared completely… its so frustrating even after raising the issue no one seems to care how this system error affects ones moral.

I wish fiverr would have notified me that using Vacation mode can affect my ratings and position I would have never have touched it ??? I hadrly make 3 orders a week from 20 orders a day its so unfair that fiverr can kill my moral 4 years of hard work just goes down the drain ???

Fiverr Please help me and reinstate my gig back to what it was before I touched vacation mode Please return my recommended status as my gig unfairly got dropped only because I took a vacation??? really thats not right everyone needs a break??? dont kill my business this is what I have been doing for a living for the past 4 years.


below please find my gig that was affected

You are lucky that your gig hasn’t been removed. It is actually against the ToS of the site to offer a gig which breaks the ToS of another site. Be happy with your two orders a day because you are lucky to get that.