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I’m but one seller, but seriously, if you don’t STOP AUTOMATICALLY ENABLING new functions, I am out of here.

Get your house in order before you start forcing new features on people! I spend more time working around the poorly executed “functionality” of the site than I do on orders - I do not need to devote more effort to undoing money-grubbing shenanigans!

Sheriff’s Note: Edited from original comments - I’ve re-written my recommendations and what little updates I have on this. I put those on the main thread. The ones I wrote on this thread were written too fast and had typos, plus I didn’t intend to split people looking for updates between two threads. For that reason, I’m also closing this thread. This is not because the rant or comments are being shut down or invalidated but just to have a unified place to see buyer/seller problems and questions on this.

Also, I haven’t looked yet to see if there are any current active threads to get more attention from Staff on this “automatically enabling” features issue but @itsyourthing and anyone else should feel free to look around and add more on that in another thread or in a new one. The Suggestion Box is ideal if there isn’t a thread there on opt-out features.

All the sheriff’s are in the same position as anyone reading since we are buyers and sellers as well. This thread is intact except for me editing my own comments, no edits are being made to what anyone else said here. If you want to add to the unified thread, @madmoo linked to it in a comment below and I will put the link here at the top as well. To continue commenting or reading up on any updates please go to:

Reply to @madmoo: Done. :slight_smile:

I understand that most people are lazy and like things done for them, and also that the ‘lowest common denominator’ has to be accounted for, but I hate it when ANYTHING is forced on me. I have a ritual where I go through my computer, phone and tablet un-doing all of the settings that get automated after any updates.

My tools, my rules.

I agree completely. I can’t even upload my work without getting flipping gateway errors and page not found errors and upload failed errors. I wish Fiverr would fix that crap before adding new crap.

Case in point, I’m trying to update my banner ad gig to remove the stock photo option. I click “Save and Continue” and get this message:

"We’re sorry, but the gig failed to save. Please save it again."

No other error, no obvious problems with title or text, just an oops, sorry we can’t do that for no reason at all.

It’s all about the almighty dollar, isn’t it? Anything that can increase those sales is kosher on this site.

For what it’s worth, I agree also. I don’t really mind new features as long as important things are also being fixed. Some of the newest features are great. The worst thing is having a feature added that isn’t optional, and second is a new feature added as “on” by default. Give us new stuff, it’s nice, just make them both optional and “off” until we choose to activate them.

Reply to @jtengle: They quite simply do not have quality coders working on this site. And they don’t care to. They’re never going to care as long as they’re raking in millions with thousands of peeps lining up to pay them even more.

Reply to @sara1984: Yep, and I’m tired of pointing out how they could actually increase their dollars by investing a few that they already have in a couple of strategic places.

Fiverr gonna do what Fiverr gonna do. I’m slowly learning to not care about this place almost as much as HQ does. :wink:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Most online businesses are as crooked as the residential real-estate market. The agents make a commission based on sales price, so they all get people to ask and offer for more than the property is worth. The folks making the money OFF OF OTHERS’ stuff are the ones who set the market value.

If we want to ‘sell’, we have to jump through the disorganized, standard-less hoops put in place by the peeps who BS’d their way into fat investments.

Crazy, but we’re all beholden to it.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I got a reply after a few hours saying they would forward my issue to the technical team, then they closed my ticket. Still isn’t letting me update.

Reply to @jtengle: Just seeing “technical team” in relation to “Fiverr” makes me nervous.

I guess that means it’s yet another sterling example of launching something without knowing it works and then letting everyone suffer.

Birthday parties organized by five year olds run better.

Reply to @itsyourthing: That;s true. Here we are two days later and I still can’t edit my gig. I can’t turn off the stock photo option, change text, edit extras or anything.

Reply to @jtengle: I haven’t checked in a couple of days, but there were some posts by folks who had stock photos ordered from them and they had no clue how to even fulfill the order. There were also some good questions about how the commissions work and about cancellations/refunds - that weren’t getting answered.

I hope you’ve been able to turn it off.

Reply to @itsyourthing: No, not yet. Still waiting to hear from the elusive technical team.

@itsyourthing I don’t even see how it helps make money to be honest, or quite what the problem with the old layout was. Maybe I’m getting too old to cope with change but I swear I can’t find things under the new layout.

Fiverr has enough problems as a community, which I just don’t see being addressed at all, even before you look at the technical issues. I can’t help but feel that if the website (and particularly the forum, ugh) was just a little more professionally run, it might help the whole community and feel of the place and who knows, maybe even encourage better standards of buyer and seller.

-I recommend disabling Getty extra if you have it on your gigs as of 6/22 until things are cleared up. This is a personal recommendation and I am not speaking for Fiverr or anyone else. I also encourage you to read/comment here:

Reply to @fonthaunt: and here I am, still unable to disable this feature at all. Get your act together Fiverr!

Reply to @jtengle: The main reason I suggested disabling it was because today where were problems with it even working at all and the moderators are also waiting to hear back on the status. The problem is, if a buyer orders your gig and adds the Getty extra while it’s still broken, Fiverr has so far been canceling the entire order. I wanted sellers to know this because if they go ahead and do the rest of the work and the entire gig gets canceled mutually or by CS, the seller did the work for nothing.

If you can’t disable it and don’t want to or can’t suspend the gig, I edited my comments on that in this thread and moved them to this thread:

I’ve had to be away from my office quite a bit for a couple of days but I am in touch with the other mods so that if anyone gets info, we’ll try to update. Keep an eye on the News forum as well in case staff posts something about this there.

I probably inadvertently caused some posts on multiple threads by writing on this one first, so for that reason I’m closing this one for now and will continue on the other thread. This is not to discourage anyone from commenting as you wish, just to hopefully keep the information together. Thanks to @itsyourthing for getting some lively discussion going and I’m sorry about having to edit and re-direct. Hang in there everyone.