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WeChat is a way of life
WeChat, used by more than 1 billion people, can send text messages, emoticons and pictures to friends via the Internet, and can also transfer files and video chat with friends to make your communication more convenient. And provide multi-language interface, multi-person video interface.
More and more people are accepting this new social software.
WeChat, an English payment method
Safe and fast personal library of the world’s leading third-party payment platform.
I will help others register his WeChat account

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I can’t understand your language :persevere:

Fiverr, 这里是用英文来沟通的, 如果你想吸引更多人,请用英文。

Can you translate it?

Sorry, thanks for your reminder

Sorry, thanks for your reminder !

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Yes i modified the article sorry

Yes I have already seen😇
Thanks for modifying😇

If you need to register WeChat and activate WeChat wallet function, I can serve you

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Okay thanks in advance. I will register.

Thank you very much for your attention

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You are most welcome😇

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I am a novice seller and I am still learning here

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I’m also new here and trying to learn🥰

:脸红:脸红:脸红:Work together, hope you have a good harvest

It is pleasure to meet you😇
Best wishes for you🥰
Hope you will get orders soon🤩

Thank you. I got three orders in ten days. I need more orders, so come here to learn.

Wow that’s great. But i’m not getting any orders😢

Where do you sell services

Wordpress web developing