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Hi, why would a seller fail to deliver work in over a month and rarely comes online? He has already received some money but each time he comes online he says that he has been sick, when he comes next day he won’t read the messages or will ignore them!

I contact Fiverr for over a week and I get no response! Should I blame it on Fiverr or the seller? I request Fiverr for the seller’s phone contact so I get to him…honestly what should I do? I have lost business for close to 2 months and I cannot afford to look for another seller. My seller keeps saying he is almost done and will disappear for almost a week, resurface, say he’s been sick and let me know he is almost done and then will disappear! What do I do in this case, really?

Cant you cancel the order?

Sounds like a scam to me. If the order is still open request a cancellation. If not you need to contact customer service again. When you submit a ticket to customer support you receive an email with a link. You need to click on the link so your request can be processed. If you failed to do so support might have never received your ticket. I suggest you try again.

Best of luck.

Fiverr is serious but some sellers here are not serious…This has happened to many here because of some fake sellers…just go for cancellation/…

Why you are waiting? Go for cancellation.

He hasn’t gotten any money. The money you pay goes to escrow, after a sale is completed, he has to wait a period of time before the money clears. Then he can withdraw his funds.

Clearly you hired a seller that isn’t serious. You should have demanded a refund right away. With that said, not everyone delivers in 3-days like I do. Some deliver in 20-days, so you have to read the gig title, gig description, etc, to know what you’re buying. Or you can look at the countdown clock which tells you how much time the seller has to deliver.

Frankly, I’m offended you scream “FIVERR NOT SERIOUS” as if the platform was at fault. Fiverr allows anyone to become a seller or a buyer or both. Fiverr makes it very easy for buyers to get their money back. So that’s what you do, get your money back, hire someone else.

It will be injustice to say that FIVERR NOT SERIOUS because the percentage of non-serious sellers on fiverr is less than 5%. Fiverr is the place which includes a diversified range of sellers providing excellent service.

In your case, the seller is just being non-serious or just dont deserve such orders in future. You should contact Customer Service. Hope you will get your money back and find a suitable seller.

What did you buy?

I hope you did read that I contacted customer care and got no response for over a week. Plus I’m not allowed to contact the sellers outside Fiverr. So what can I do that Fiverr should not be doing? I’m willing, uf given his contact by Fiverr, to ‘manage’ him.

However, I undid the screaming but you should also know that I have been so patient and understanding but Fiverr never helped play its part!

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Fiverr can’t give you the seller’s phone number, because they don’t have it (unless, for some odd reason, the seller gave it to them).

Besides, how would it help? If the seller isn’t answering your messages, he probably wouldn’t answer your phone calls, either. If you keep calling (international calls?), he could get your number blocked, or just change his phone number.

Better cancel the order and find someone else to do your work, first tell me is there any cancel option or not?

You can contact the seller within Fiverr. You can send him direct messages or communicate within the order (what I recommend). Direct messages are only for pre and post- order communication.

I am sorry you had a bad experience, I just hope you give other people a chance.

I request Fiverr for the seller’s phone contact so I get to him….honestly what should I do?

Get your money back and forget this seller. Has that ever occurred to you?

You said twice you want his phone number. Do you want him to answer so you can scream on the phone at him? Give up on this seller and find a better one. Ask fiverr for a refund but do NOT keep sending multiple messages to fiverr or they will never answer you. Obviously this seller is never going to give you what you want even if you did have his number.