Fiverrcast - Season 2, Episode 1


Welcome Back to Fiverrcast! It’s been a while since the last episode, but Season Two kicks off with your hosts Ryan Heenan - @customdrumloops and Matt Jensen - @mjensen415!

In This Episode

  • Relaunching the podcast
  • The “In Doers We Trust” campaign launch
  • Questions from the community (With special guests)

Connect with the Hosts
Ryan Heenan - Fiverr - Customdrumloops, Twitter @RyanHeenan, Fiverr Forum
Matt Jensen - Twitter @MJensen, Fiverr Forum

Intro Music
Each week, we’ll have a new Fiverr seller create our music! This week’s Fiverrcast intro/outro was created by: Awwyeah. Check out his Gigs here: and on the forum here!

If you have questions, comments or ideas for the next Fiverrcast, please visit the Fiverr Forum:


There is a long story about getting this episode to publish. First off, the laptop that had the final version of the podcast on it was stolen the night before we were set to publish! We were able to recover the original recordings and eventually piece together the episode, so thank you everyone for your patience.

This is very much a “pilot” episode for us. We learned a lot about the format and content and I can tell you that as we recorded episode 2, I felt like we’ve made great progress to a better version. I’m excited to grow and shape the podcast to the communities needs.

Look for Episode 2 next week, April 4th! With subsequent episodes every 2 weeks after that: April 18th, May 2nd, May 16th, May 30th, etc, etc. Thanks for listening and of course, give us feedback about what you’d like to hear about in future podcasts!


Good to see Fiverrcast back.
Shoutout to @offlinehelpers who got a question answered :slight_smile:


Hey - thanks for letting me know Eoin! Sounds like they’re going to clean up the FB page - yeah!


Wonders if the jingle is still the same… It grew on me, :musical_note: singing it in the shower n stuff. :smile:
Bookmarked for later. :sunglasses:


Great to see Fiverrcast coming back Again


Great!!! Good to see…


its Happy to hear Fiverrcast coming back Again… :heart_eyes:


Welcome back!
We missed you so much and now we need your Fiverr tips more than never.


Wishing you guys happy everyday. Will love to get involved in your podcast. i have a recording studio here in Shenzhen China and work with some Hi-Fi audio companies. Hope you can contact me to get involved so i can put my voice out there and input some creative thoughts on your podcast discussions. My name is Jason and it will be nice to hear from you.

Kindest Regards,

Jason Ryan Brenner
Fiverr: vojasonbrenner


That’s not how this works. The podcast is not a way for you to promote your voice talent. It is a way for Fiverr to engage with sellers, and share tips and advice about building success as a Fiverr freelancer.


thanks jonbass, at any rate, i’m trying to get involved in working with some podcasters also. thanks for your response.


Thanks for giving us these updates…! Much appreciated.


Thanks for this. It was helpful.


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Nice information. Thank you so much for sharing such nice information.


E kaabo pada sori eto. That is ‘welcome back to program’ in Yoruba language.


Welcome back again to Fiverr podcast.


what an intro, welcome back


Thank you very much for the post