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Fiverrcast - Season 2, Episode 2 - PRO!


Welcome Back to Fiverrcast! Episode Two kicks off with your hosts Ryan Heenan @customdrumloops and new host Trisha Price @trishafor5 in an episode dedicated to Fiverr Pro!

In This Episode

  • What is Fiverr Pro?
  • Conversation with Jon Youshaei: Fiverr: everyvowel
  • Conversation with TRS Tracy Freese: Fiverr: @strongestate

Connect with the Hosts
Ryan Heenan -Fiverr - Customdrumloops, Twitter: @RyanHeenan
Trisha Price - Fiverr - trishafor5, Instagram: @trishasaur

Intro Music
Each week, we’ll have a new Fiverr seller create our music! This week’s Fiverrcast intro/outro was created by: @thebrownnoise. Check out his Gigs here:

If you have questions, comments or ideas for the next Fiverrcast, please visit the Fiverr Forum:

Do you think the Fiverr Pro team are really up to the level?

Cool, will listen soon.


Are you guys still doing the transcripts for the podcast, I love reading :smile:


i like your comment and i hope this is best


hwy i want to know how much time i had to wait to show my gig on first page…


This is a really awesome episode and @sue_mcl - I am very willing to transcribe each episode if you’d like! Completely free! It’s a hobby of mine.


So nice to listen and hopefully people will reach their goals…!


i like your comment and i hope this is best