Fiverrers beware! Phishing Alert!


I got a message from a user named ‘fragglesrock’

"Hi there! I hope you are well.

I saw your gig and i liked it , but i want you to apply this idea in this gig :


if you can do what i need reply to my message and i will create two orders.


You can come across such messages from some nasty people who try to steal your password. When you click the link, you will be re-directed to a page which is similiar to fiverr login page. Never put your login details, in the address bar, you will notice that the page is not Just close the page, clear the browser history and click the Report button in the message.

Original link hidden for safety, but the user name is the same

I am not good at english so please don’t mind.


yes that happened to me as well, they offered $50 lol


I agree there are some weird things happening lately when it comes to messages like this. I even had someone send me a message last week asking if I would sell them my Fiverr account??? Really what are they thinking lol