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Fiverrien dream is not dead


my fiverien dream is to have enough money to afford a decent car …whats your ‘‘fiverien’’ dream pls shear ?


Build a House :smiley:


i hop you will men !


I’ve already achieved a few of my “Fiverrien dreams”. Now I am working on achieving the next level of “dreams”. And when I achieve those, I will work toward achieving the next higher dreams and goals. I will continue to rise, step by step, because there is no top to the ladder of “Fiverrien dreams”. There are always more, higher, better things to achieve. And being in business is always about striving to reach the next higher goals… and then the next higher goals… and then the next higher goals…


To anyone that nurtures some kind of material dream I may suggest the vision of “Concursante” (“The Contestant”, Rodrigo Cortés, 2007).

It had a limited distribution and it’s still difficult to find nowadays; I like to think that this is not casual.



Cool! I found it on Vimeo.


My dream is to leave my day job and make enough money from Fiverr to pay my bills, buy a car and live comfortably. So i can have enough time to pursue another degree and follow my music passion


i have so many ‘‘fiverien’’ dream, bought a car, house and one big office.


To me, it’s not just a Fiverrian dream, but a freelancer dream, and it’s not just about money. It is:

  • Wake up every morning, looking forward to the day.
  • Get to my desk excited to work.
  • Have great conversations with my clients and understand what they need.
  • Know I am good at what I do and deliver something great.
  • Not have to deal with office politics, unrealistic expectations, or work I find boring or repetitive.
  • Get paid for all of the above.

It’s more about quality of life and freedom, than money (although of course the money helps the quality of life and freedom.) It’s about playing with the dogs in the middle of the day, taking an afternoon off to volunteer at an animal shelter, or going for a hike in the mountains.

In terms of what I am actually doing with my Fiverr money, it is incredibly dull - I am putting it into retirement savings - boring, but necessary.


Agree with you same to me also :slight_smile:


good luck men i hope you make more money then you expect :stuck_out_tongue:


i like your version ! good luck to you sir hope you will do well on fiverr for the next years !


Right now I have a secret dream of being able to save enough on the side to buy my teenage daughter an ipad pro. She’s an amazing artist and I want her to be able to take her traditional style into the digital world.


How much does it cost to build a home in Bangladesh?

In South Florida, it’s about $288,642, more or less. Other areas of America are cheaper. In Cleveland, Tennessee (30 minutes from Chattanooga), buy can guy a brand new home for $110,000.

Of course, to flip it I would build a second bathroom. Americans families hate sharing bathrooms!


Why is this a “secret dream”? I would think that, by announcing it here on the forum, it isn’t a secret anymore. :wink:


Aw, you guys don’t count. You’re ten thousand of my closest friends!

But, seriously, some people in my family don’t really agree with the idea, so I’m keeping it to myself for now. You know, except for you guys. And anyone who googles my name.


Awww! Now I feel special. :blush:

Oh, I see. Well, that makes sense. And not to worry, I won’t tell anyone. :wink:


I’m just happy to add value to others dreams and businesses.


Fiverr is like a physic work, but freelance.

Through the years you will earn enough money.


Great! Hard work pays! Good Luck!!