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Fiverrr earning issue

Hi there all i am here with a problem on fiverr. My earning progres is not shown for the next level evaluation as shown on the attached screen short. Kindly if anyone help me.


Hey hope you are doing well. That’s weird and might be a bug from fiverr’s side as completed order amount should be visible in these stats.

You should go to the desktop and head over to “Analytics” tab at the top to see the progress about the level. If it’s correct then you don’t need to worry.

Otherwise if the stats are not correct even on desktop, I’ll suggest you to contact customer support as they will surely look into the matter and will clear out the issue for you.

Hope you get this resolved soon.
Thanks a lot

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Thanks alot! I have checked on desktop same the progress is not still there too. I have contacted to the fiverr support and help…
Many thanks.
By the way can i get promotion in this situation.?

Promotion as in? What kind of promotion?

I mean i have all requirements done to move to level one seller but this progress is not shown…
So should i be promoted to level one or i will have to wait for this issue to be ressolved.?

Well, you may not be promoted to level 1. It’s best to contact support and get it resolved before 15th of this month.

defiantly its bug of Fiverr app. I also faced some problem on Fiverr App. some times I found my GIG analytics result not matching with App & PC. PC is showing high analytics & app showing lower result…

after few hours its make the same automatically…

Ok dear!
Thank you so much for your time…

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