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Fiverrr impressions, clicks , views problem

All members are facing same problem. Hope it will resolve soon.

No Problem Fiverr terms is working end update then you get impression and all. Best of luck. Now your need Endurance

Same here. seems that this problem is not yet fixed. Can someone from fiverr please confirm? I also see that my gigs are no where to be found.

Yes bug…This issue solve soon!!!

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fiverr is adding new things which is out within some days…and these things are very helpful for sellers… :grinning: as i listen from some where…

The truth is that nobody (at least sellers) don’t know why this problem occurred and when it will be resolved. Even the main thread about this bug is locked for several days now (?!). It’s been a month since this happened and we didn’t even get any update. Regardless of what some people say, this bug is affecting a large number of this community and we all hope it would be resolved soon.


it’s already 3 month for me, i can’t see my gig impression.