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Fiverr's Aggressively toned resolution titles

So every once in a while, we have to use the Resolution center to cancel the order, now the problem is that client and you (seller) are already not in best of understandings when cancellation is sent and the “Reasons” of cancellation that we sent may sound a little too blunt to the buyer, I had a buyer or two freaking out on me because they thought I was blaming it on them.

We should be able to choose the reason of cancellation but I believe there should be a seperate reason of cancellation buyer sees, like If I’m cancelling order due to him/her not responding, Id’ like to explain it in a little more softer tone like

“Hey, you seem to be busy or away and not responding back to me, kindly accept this cancellation request as late deliveries have bad impact on my account, if you chose to provide me with the needed details, please inbox me to get this sorted out. Thank you!”

So it just me or do you agree? :slight_smile:

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On the other hand, cancellation has also a bad effect on your account:) So you can chose from bad and bad.
What I do in this rare situation is write the buyer a few times, and just before the deadline I tell him I haven’t herd from you, I’m going to mark this as complete, explaining how late deliveries affect my stats, and let me know when you are ready, I am happy to re-deliver, this time for real.

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Don’t worry about the buyer freaking out over the wording of the cancellation.
If they can’t bother to respond to your questions then it doesn’t matter if they freak out.

I like the suggestion of fogi. Write them a nice little message when you request the cancellation.

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Fiverr’s resolution titles are fine. They’re clear, easy to understand, and they’re not insulting anyone.

I’ve also learned to write, “I’m sorry you didn’t like my work, there’s nothing more I can do. Please accept your refund. You’ll be able to hire someone else. Good luck.”

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I´m pretty sure there is Other among the reasons you can choose from the drop-down already, which leads to a text field where you can put in your reason, or did that option disappear? In that case, I agree that there should be a customizable cancellation reason.


That’s a ToS violation.

Not if I deliver the best I can!