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Fiverr's Algo voodoo, interesting discovery

There seems to be a big change on the front pages of my category (voice overs) in the last couple days.

In VO, (probably most other categories) you can sort the category by either:
“Recommended” or by “Average Customer Review”

The sort for Recommended is filled with high priced gigs, while the Average Reviews sort is almost all low priced, some stats:

Each first page consists of 48 gigs.

On the recommended page, there are only 6 gigs that start at $5, while many are in the $25-$35 range and some as high as $100-$200. The total gigs on the front page total to $1340 with an average of $28.

On the average customer review front page, 42 of the 48 are $5 gigs and the whole first page totals to $290 with an average of $6.

Seems that the higher paying gigs are being filtered to the top of the Recommended category all of a sudden. Which makes sense, fiverr is giving max visibility to the more expensive gigs by recommending them.


:disappointed_relieved: Well that is certainly disappointing for a new seller.

This bit is the crux possibly, could be different again all of a sudden… but nice discovery and revival of the algo voodoo talk, anyway! :wink:

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We all were at one time, don’t worry. Plus the thing about fiverr is that everything changes constantly. Next month they’ll be trying something different.


Without looking at the stats myself, my initial thought on this is that it could be a misnomer.

The “Recommended” filter has always been a mix of levels which is why the prices are varied.

The Avg Customer Review on the other hand SHOULD take into account the number of reviews etc. Given that in general, lower priced gigs will sell more gigs, they will have more reviews - even if the revenue is the same. Obviously this is not always the case, but in terms of it being narrowed to just 48 gigs, it is extremely likely that there are that enough low price/high volume gigs in each category to fill those 48 spaces.

Agree it has always been a mix, but now the low priced gigs are almost gone and the new $200 ones stand out. They have not traditionally been there. But your point is well taken. Nothing scientific in my post. Always good to remember that the real secret to the Algo is…

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I think a lot of people, myself included, have taken the introduction of Pro gigs as an incentive to try out higher priced gigs. Previously, there just wasn’t that many gigs at those prices.
Personally, I have seen a lot more high value sales than before.
My total Average Gig Price has gone up by $5 in the past 2 months.
My monthly Average Custom Gig Price has doubled in the last 30 days.

I am not 100% on this, but the timing of the introduction of Pro, the type of clients I am getting and the type of services they are looking for do point to it being related.


I completely agree. I am seeing the same thing. I recently completed an order for an outfit that would be considered the “holy grail” to voice over artists and in less than 2 months it has gotten 3.2 million views on their facebook page. :grinning:

On another note, remember when we were all baffled by the mysterious appearance of the “average price” replacing the “starting at” metric. I’ll bet that was the beta for computing that price in the first place for just such a move as I described in OP. Makes total sense, put the prime and choice steaks up front of the butcher case.

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Right on, and they have been talking about wanting to improve the quality of the offerings and move the prices up for the whole year. I think we are seeing another indicator of them working in that direction.

The more they show higher priced gigs, the more people can have gigs at higher price points without being the only one in their category.

A huge win for sellers (and Fiverr in general) if they keep moving in this direction.


So as an update, fiverr must have been testing something once again, today the “recommended” sort once again is back to normal, with almost all the gigs at $5 & $10 price points. At least on fiverr its never boring.

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True fact: I check my search position on the 30th or 31st of every month, and forget about it.