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Fiverr's Algorithm (Main Question)

How does being online help a seller gain more traffic to his or her gigs, is it because it creates the possibilities of having engagements? I’ve been reading a lot of the comments in the Fiverr forums, and this is what I been seeing. Just curious to know why staying online is a plus.


Staying online is NOT a plus.

Gig Rotation, by Fiverr, allows all of the Sellers here (that’s you, me and a few million more) the opportunity to be seen.

You can’t manipulate it in any way (even if you saw some “expert” with tips on YouTube).

It’s like Google.

No one knows exactly how it works for SEO, but that’s the thing.

If everyone knew how Fiverr did things, it would no longer be a level playing field.

Are you asking out of because you are curious or are you hoping someone will give you ideas on how to game the system?

Fiverr takes a dim view of those trying to manipulate their system, and rightfully so.


I think it’s a plus only if a buyer searching for online sellers.
As we informed from our profile settings at online status: “When online, your Gigs are visible under the Online search filter”

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No, I’m not trying to game the system. Why would you question if I’m trying to cheat the system when I’ve already explained in my post my reason for writing the post? So again, I wrote the post because I keep seeing that people are stating that staying online increases the chances for seller’s to gain gigs. I wanted to know if it was true or not. That Simple.

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Thank you. Makes Sense.


I :two:nd that! I get as many orders when I am not online as when I am.


I said that for the benefit of those reading my response who may be considering gaming the system.

That’s all.


I been a seller here on Fiverr for a few years and made a few purchases during this time. Never once did I search for a seller by filtering who’s online.


If you have read much of the forum where this “stay online maximum time”, “stay online 18 hours” or “stay online 24/7”, you would have also read answers from those who have been on this platform for years debunk that myth and try to set new sellers straight.

It does NOT benefit you to be online in order to get sales here. If you are already online working on something else, sure, make your profile live here - but, do not think that you are going to get a leg up on the algorithm here by appearing online for hours on end.

I get 99% of my messages and orders when I am offline.