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Fiverr's Bank Transfer Option for Pakistan


It has been a widely appreciated move of fiverr to add direct bank transfer option for withdrawals, but as a Pakistani freelancer we can’t seem to avail this service. For a bank transfer option you have to setup your account on but in the list of countries I can find many countries except for my own.
I may be naive as i don’t know the twisted ways to get the withdrawals by using someone else’s account (Legit or not) but in this easy one click world do why Pakistani’s have to suffer. I am asking for help from my fellow sellers (especially from Pakistan) to guide me through this process as i am unable to find an easy way as skrill for fiverr.

Kind Regards


Facing same problem and on top of that no response from Fiverr’s customer support.


I have been asking this question for a long time but no one responded, neither Fiverr mods nor the Support.

Founthaunt or any other mod @ Can you put some light on it??


I applied for fiverr revenue card about 25 days ago, payoneer mentioned arrival date of 13-01-16 to 20-01-16 but i still did not got card with just 2 days remaining in deadline, what should i do?


Since I’m not in Pakistan and I’m only a seller and a volunteer forum admin (not Fiverr staff) I don’t know the answer. You need a Pakistani seller to answer, but there are plenty of them so I’m sure someone knows. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some users from Pakistan mention the use of Payoneer. Have you tried contacting Payoneer Technical Support directly?

Fiverr Customer Support might know the answer and if they are asked clearly and politely, they will respond. You just have to be patient and not submit multiple tickets. They have a high ticket volume and it can take as much as a week to get answers on some things. If you send a ticket and then send another right away they may think you are sending spam and close the tickets.

Anyone else from Pakistan out there who can give some answers on possible payment methods?


I wouldn’t do anything yet. Mail is not perfect, especially this time of year. Give it until the end of the month and if you don’t get it, just contact Payoneer and ask.


Hi Adeel,

I was facing same problem since from 3 months, 5 months ago.
The problem of payoneer card is that they gives you limited words to describe your address.
and when you exceed the limit then they automatically removes some words from your address.
e.g I gave my address "flat #6, Plaza, near by, GPO, Islamabad"
when I received my card via DHL then I saw that they removed the plaza name themselves.
I will suggest you that order the card via DHL. They will 50$ but any how you will get your card within 3 to 5 days.

I hope this message will help you.



I having the same problem ordered my 3rd renew card but still unable to get it to my home address. It is was fine few year back when I ordered the card first time which I was able to receive easily within 12 days but now I am unable to receive it. Can you please tell me a right format or how much letter should I use to receive my card via regular mail, otherwise please tell me should I have 50 $ in my account before ordering with DHL or it will be deducted after the card activation ?


Can any one tell me how much fiveer chargers for bank transfer to karachi, Pakistan???

Thanks in advance


I typed in my own address carefully, in this format:

and for country it had a different option so Picked Pakistan from that


Hi there,

I would like to know is there direct bank transfer service available in pakistan through fiverr not payoneer ?



Solved, There was problem bank details it’s added my bank account now I can easily withdraw with better exchange rates


Hi Guys,

Now fiverr is offering direct bank transfer. Please try the direct bank transfer first.
if you wanna go with fiverr card. then please read the content below.

  1. Payoneer just pick 30 words for your address. Please try to manage your address in 30 words.
  2. If your address is 30 words and you still not receiving your card. Then contact the Post office pakistan.
  3. The other way to get your card within 3 to 4 days is via DHL. It is quite expensive because they deduct $50 as delivery charges. But it it guaranteed that your card will arrive. When you will talk to payoneer customer care. then they will ask you to transfer $50. But if you can’t then the other way is that you have to take screenshot of your fiverr earning and show them for security that when you will get the card after first withdrawal payoneer can cut their delivery and activation charges.

It will solve your problem.
I got my card via DHL.




Hello, did you get any email from fiverr that the card is shipped to your address a sort of confirmatiom email? Actually i have applied for the fiverr revenue card about a week ago but i havent receive any confirmation email that the card is shipped to my address


For regular mail their is no email or confirmation that your card is shipped to your address.


Thanks alot i didnt get any email


My friend facing problem .he withdraw money from fiverr through bank 19 decmber,
he yet not recieved payments,
he usesd this method many time,but all were done successfully,
anyone can help…?


i did not receive my payments.i withdraw my payments through fiverr at 19th December but not received till 27th december


As far as i know, bank transfer works with Payoneer. The usual step is,
You withdraw,
Your payment goes to Payoneer,
You go to Payoneer and withdraw to your bank account

There are 3 steps you need to do to get your revenue to your bank account. Fiverr just skip 2nd and 3rd steps for us.

So you need a Payoneer account for withdraw to bank account.


payoneer send me email for transaction,but not received money till its 11 day