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Fiverrs Beware

Tonight, I just received a message from a “buyer” asking me to do work for them outside of Fiverr. I will post the message here, so if you see anything similar, don’t click on the links the “buyer” provides. Report it immediately, and save yourself the trouble of being scammed or hacked.


I am interested in your services but I have some problems about p a y m e n t method via fiverr.

Can you provide me your service with this site( http://FRAGGLESROCK ) I will order from there.

This site similar fiverr

If I order you 5gig can you give me 1 for free?

I’m waiting.


Lisa S."

Note: the name seen at the end of this message is not the name of the buyer’s account and is a part of the message. I am not calling out any specific buyers.

Even if the link presented is credible, it is still against Fiverr's terms of service to do work outside of the site or have contact with customers outside of Fiverr.<br />
<br />
<b>Sheriff's Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.</b><br />

I had the same message.

The same was sent to me. It looks like that user account has been disabled now.

That’s good. I don’t see why people want to scam sellers on here. If you don’t even want to pay five bucks, then something is very wrong with you.

Same message here but I cannot contact them. Good riddance.