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Fiverr's Biggest Problem - Especially now that Pro Gigs are Here

I’ll cut straight to the chase. Fiverr sucks at copyright fraud prevention. Moreover, this is why no one in their right mind should ever buy a logo, video, illustration, or any other form of visually specific media from Fiverr.

(Big sorry to legitimate sellers).

As for how I have reached this assumption… Well, earlier this year, I decided to assassinate my biggest competitors in some niches.

It was driving me crazy. I make my own videos, sell them for what I feel is the most reasonable price possible, and then someone comes along and starts illegally selling Envato Studio video templates which would cost them $150+ to use legitimately, and starts undercutting me on price. (Whilst apparently offering a better quality product).

So, what I did was simple. I found several sellers in my niche who were doing the above. I then found the exact Video Hive and Envato Studio template videos which they were ripping off… And then I found and contacted the actual copyright owners of this material and said, “hey, do you know about this?”

The result?

Withing 24-hours, not only had the sellers whom I had found had their gigs removed from the Fiverr search. Instead, to top that, I ended up being on the first page of search results in my niche alongside just 12 other sellers.


There is just one problem. Namely, everyone is now back using the EXACT SAME ripped off video templates and once again, I’m back to square one.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally took a look at this Pro gig business. I have a bit of an idea for a pro gig myself you see. The only problem? The first Pro gig which I found in the area which I was thinking about getting into was riddled with copyright red flags. In fact, I could have sat a hamster down, given it a 5-minute talk about the basics of copyright fraud, and I’m pretty sure that it could have done a better job at hand picking and vetting who should and should not be allowed to advertise pro gigs priced at $1,000’s in the first place.

Basically, Fiverr doesn’t care about copyright fraud.

What this means, however, is very significant. As a seller you see, why in this case, should you waste time and effort trying to provide a legitimate service at the best price when you can cheat your way to the top in no time? - Really do it. It doesn’t make sense if you don’t.

The only problem is that while you can cash in on this kind of behavior (and would probably be wise to while you can) it’s not sustainable for Fiverr in the long-term. Real sellers are going to get disillusioned, leave, and buyers who find out that they have just paid $1,000’s for a pile of eye-catching garbage are probably going to make sure that the proverbial poo hits the fan as far as publicity goes.

In this case, pull your bloody finger out Fiverr.


I typed this while one of arms is broken Bless You Mate.

I notified my SM about the specific video gig that is based on a vh template. I got the usual response but I don’t see them doing anything about it. That rip off of a gig is still labeled pro and is advertised as a vetted gig with Fiverr’s approval.

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They might not do it if it’s about a $5 or a $20 order, but $1,000? If they can afford to spend that much on a video, they’re likely to be big enough to be heard by the media when they complain about being scammed.


Yeah, to see real results, you have to take it to the copyright owner. I think I was lucky in that the copyright owner of the material which I reported is a pretty successful graphic design company. Still though, for Fiverr to allow the same material to be used by the same sellers just a few months later is really upsetting.


This is not something Fiverr should just ignore.

They vetted a seller and were impressed by his work, granted them pro status.

But their work is based on templates. Their main promo video on fiverr and on their main website is an seo template.

What if a buyer purchases that pro gig and then see a template with the same artwork that was included in their $1000 purchase?


DO you mean pro also using a template? That’s interesting :grin:

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Well, I think you should create Pro gigs for your video stuff.

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Correct hahaha. If someone can sell a clip for a house, there is no reason why a template users cannot be a PRO. It’s buyers free will to buy or not, so what if I sell template works for $10,000 hahaha I never steal anything or dishonest to them since I always stated I using goanimate platform for my work.

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Interesting if you are right :slight_smile:

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I really feel sorry for whoever will be the buyer. Oh well, unless the buyer is a billionaire who don´t care about throwing out money out of the window for… [quote=“cyaxrex, post:1, topic:160268”] a pile of eye-catching garbage [/quote]

(I´m not saying saying that billionaires like a pile of eye-catching garbage. I don´t know any billionaire in person, but I reckon for everything they purchase, they want number 1 quality).

@vince007 Then to you (the seller) it would be like winning a jackpot.

On a more serious note, like @frank_d said, this is not something Fiverr should ignore.

Copyright fraud is a serious matter.

Bad Pro Gig sellers would give a bad name to the decent, good, honest ones. This would just be like before Pro Gigs were launched, that bad sellers give a bad name to the decent, good, honest ones.

IMO, Pro Gigs should benefit the very decent, honest, good serious sellers who are fed up with getting paid peanuts for their great skills and talents. Pro Gigs should also benefit certain serious buyers with bigger budgets who are thirsty to get some decent good sh*t done without having to worry about problems such copyright fraud, crappy work, etc. Otherwise it would be just the same like before, only now the money played is much bigger.


… Yes. I read a few blog articles critical of Fiverr. And one common thing they point is how copyright infringement in ‘normal’ on Fiverr.

I think, situation would turn better with rollout of Pro feature. I foresee that for Pro sellers not just Gig/Account performance but quality/creativity/originality of the work itself will be monitored.

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No I don’t agree. You saw my alarming comment as an opportunity?

Are you being serious right now?

If I knew my post would be perceived by sellers here as an open invitation to post gigs based on templates and charge thousands of dollars for them, I wouldn’t have posted that.

The fact that you found that interesting is worrisome.

And I don’t think you ever had a disclaimer on your gig stating that you use goanimate. In fact a couple of days ago I replied to your post where you said your videos are just as good as pro ones, with a question about you using an online service, to which you conveniently chose to not respond.


last year i was curious about their copyright violation strategy and ask a few questions to cs.
they said “we can’t do anything but if you are know the artist who has the copyrights you can warn him/her.
if they will contact us we will remove the gig”

i saw that wasted money useful for us (i’m also never used other artist’s templates) buyer get expensive lesson,
and art thieves will pay that in their life eventually ( : if we keep creating different/unique contents, we will get our reward in long term with our price section.

Thanks for contacting the VH sellers. Many have and still are still complaining about this on the forum. It’s difficult to tell if anything at all will be done by either platform but seeing how homebase isn’t in the US which makes copyright hard to enforce.

shame on you serdar, first read whole entry than comment :sweat_smile: