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Fiverrs Bugs and revisions


I have been having problems uploading files, sometimes they decided to upload and other times they dont i just dont get it, they just wont seem to upload and I have tried every browser possible and I just purchased a new macbook and use google chrome and have adobe,flash player, everything installed, used different wifi in different locations, but the files just wont upload, its like they wont load or something and I have to deliver an order now or the time will soon run out, like what am i supposed to do, ive contacted fiverr support and they just keep saying check browsers/use different laptop. i have, its obviously a fiverr bug.

Also i really wish fiverr would listen to it seller about ideas/ improving things for example revisions, i have a few people now and then keep asking for revisions on the smallest/slightest thing when i already give 2 revisions, im not sure what they expect for only $5, i wish the revisions could be set to a limited number and once that number is up you cant ask for any more revisions.


Upload the files to Dropbox or a similar service, and send the buyer the link (just make certain that there’s no personal information). I’m surprised that Customer Support didn’t tell you that; that’s the usual solution when Fiverr gets buggy.


OK thanks will try that!


8 hours to upload all the files to dropbox sigh


test out wetransfer I find it faster than even fiverrs upload


What are you uploading? I mean, what’s the size? Large files are always a problem on Fiverr.