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Fiverrs business policy and strategy

I want to know about fiverrs business policy and strategy. Where and how can I find it ?


Google, probably. :face_with_monocle:


I agree you could check online. The SEC filing could tell you about their strategy.

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I doubt that they would share this, as how they manage their business tends to be something they (like most businesses) don’t announce to everyone. If they did, they would be allowing their competitors to know how to out-compete them, and no business wants that. You don’t need to know Fiverr’s business policy and strategy in order to be a seller here on Fiverr. You are an independent contractor (i.e., seller), not an employee of Fiverr.


Yeah right but I don’t want to know this to boost my sell on fiverr. Being a lifetime seller is not a good idea i think. I want to start my own business. Every business have some transparent strategy or policy. The main thing need to know what to share and what to hide!

It can be a wonderful thing. I’ve been here on Fiverr for more than six years. There are many benefits to being a “lifetime seller”, so long as you are willing to earn your success.

Businesses rarely ever share their strategies, because they don’t want their competitors using those strategies against them. Strategies are like gold. You keep them secret, and you protect them like the valuable assets they are. I have never known any business that has been “transparent” with their business strategies. Strategies are always kept secret. Policies are merely rules for how the business interacts with it’s customers.