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Fiverr's charge!

I just heard and wondering, Fiverr charge to the sellers 20% of the total sales. That means if I sell a gigs for $5 Fiverr give me $4. Is that true? if so why Fiverr charges fee so high? This isn’t tolerable level. :frowning:

@mdsajjat that’s correct. You pay $1 to fiverr for every $5 you make. If you sell a gig for $25, you pay fiverr 20%, or $5 total.

It is rather steep, but that’s the way it is…

I would like to see a graduated fee scale where the fee is reduced if you sell higher value gigs. For instance, gigs valued up to $25 would be the standard 20%, but a gig valued from $25 to $50 is only charged 10% for each $5. That would mean a $50 gig would only have a fee of $7.50, instead of $10.

A per gig fee cap would also be nice. That way a $100 order would not be hit with a $20 fee. Maybe a cap could be set at $10 so it would be a perk for selling higher value individual services.

Just my two cents…(which is much less than 20%) :slight_smile:


that’s a high rate!

Didn’t you read the Terms of Service when you signed up? You checked a box saying you had read, understood and would follow the ToS. The Fiverr fee is clearly stated. If you don’t like it, there are lots of other freelance sites out there. What you’ll find with most of them is that you’ll get pretty much the service and platform that you pay for. You’ve apparently never sold on a consignment basis or obtained work through an agency, if you think Fiverr’s percentage is high.

Well heres my thoughts … I don’t know why this site was made because as a buyer I couldn’t subjectively a person even if they willingly wanted to for $5. I think that there ought to be a way to donate more money to the sellers. cause its really sad to work for just $5 bucks I don’t care what country they are from they are human beings and I don’t think its right. I give them more money always.

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You can donate more to sellers: Either look to see if they have a Tip Gig, or order multiples of the basic Gig to show your appreciation. LOL


Reply to @charpays: Your reply is a bit confusing. If you want to pay more, you can order extra gigs. Also, some gigs on Fiverr only require the seller to do a few minutes of work and for those, 4 bucks isn’t bad. Granted, I’ve done hours of work on here for the same money but it takes time and effort to build your brand.

I am also think fiverr sellers fee is so high.