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Fiverr's Choice for the first time

My most popular gig just got Fiverr’s Choice. So happy about that, even if I don’t know what that actually means, just higher ranking in tag search?


I have also heard the term first time. Anyways, congratulations!


My gig was Fiverr Choice about 2 month this is not increase your sale just like as a batch when some one search service which related your gig then if your gig come then just see fiverr choise that’s it nothing special…

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This is not the fiverr choice . It is just an automated method (SEO) which changes over time to time . In relevance tab your gig will not remain in that position but in avg customer review tab your gig may remain in place till some weeks but there is no surprise at all because even new sellers gig also show at first place just due to good SEO and keywords.

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Thanks for info, yeah I thought and seen it’s like that. But does it last?

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