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"Fiverr's choice" orders?

Has anyone seen this? What is this new feature?



I can’t find any info on it either - but I see one of my Gigs has this badge attached when I search.

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Fiverr team manually gives you that batch for a temporary time for your excellent work. (I guess).
It will give you more exposure.

BTW Cogo.


I know that, but I have never ever got ORDERS with this badge and with the message like “Deliver great work to be Fiverr’s Choice again”. That’s something new and I wanted to investigate if anybody has the order with the same badge.


The site is behaving glitchy, maybe thats because of that. Just Maybe

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I had that badge for a while on a gig and did not see that it increased orders. It was there for a week or two.

It shows that the editors on fiverr like your gig and noticed you are doing a good job. It’s nice to be recognized in that way.

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I receive similar order and posted in forum to know more about it but unfortunately no one answered it lol !

I have just now got a ““Fiverr’s Choice Order”… but I don’t have “Fiverr’s Choice badge on the gig…

try to search that gig as a buyer with different keywords and you’ll see in one of them…that happened to me.