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"Fiverr's Choice" seems to be random and useless

Ok, so first a disclaimer and a bit of background:

I’m not complaining about not getting picked out for the “Fiverr’s Choice” branding. I’m a successful seller, and I’m happy with where I’m at, even though orders have been slow this summer. They usually are, and the pandemic isn’t helping things. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into why I think the Fiverr’s Choice is just a random branding that gets slammed on sellers for no reason at all.

I’ve been a successful voice-over seller on Fiverr for a few years now. In that time I’ve pulled in almost 500 five-star reviews, and I’ve completed just shy of 1000 orders. Yet, in all that time, delivering consistently high quality on all my orders, with only one negative review (because the buyer refused to pay for revisions as required) I’ve never, once, been awarded “Fiverr’s Choice”. Now that’s perfectly fine! I never expected to receive it, and I never much cared about such things.

Then, to my surprise, a new seller in my category, who delivers voice overs with a similar level of quality from what I can see, but has less than 20 reviews and less than a year on Fiverr, gets awarded the “Fiverr’s Choice” badge on his gig. Good for him. I keep getting orders anyway, so I’m not worried.

I do however think that something as visible as the “Fiverr’s Choice” badge should be awarded based on some sort of manual process. This is, after all, Fiverr saying “This is the service we, as the go-to platform for freelancing services online, recommends above all the others!”. That implies that some sort of manual process is involved.

One can only speculate as to which requirements Fiverr uses internally for this evaluation. When a seller with several years of great performance, no ToS warnings, almost 1000 delivered gigs and only positive reviews for years, is never once awarded this, but a new seller who delivers roughly the same quality with less than 20 reviews gets it, I become curious:

Is the “Fiverr’s Choice” just a random badge awarded for no reason at all?

I’ve seen several level 2 and top level sellers with 1k reviews or more who delivers some of the best quality I’ve ever found on Fiverr, with no such badge, so I decided to test two sellers in the same category.

One was a Level 1 Fiverr’s Choice seller with 34 positive reviews. The other, a level 2 seller with 1k + reviews - all of them positive.

Both were in the VO category, and both had the same exact pricing.

I’m not gonna publish the deliveries here, since I don’t want to cause anyone a bad reputation, but I will say that the quality from the level 2 seller was miles above the quality from the “Fiverr’s Choice” seller.

The friendly and useful information and support was also great from the level 2 with no “Fiverr’s Choice” badge, while the seller that Fiverr thought would offer the best service and quality consisted of the standard automatic replies.

From the order was made until it was delivered I received both a “Thank you” confirmation manually written from the Level 2, and a follow up when he started recording, two versions of the VO, and a well-written message to go along with it.

The Fiverr’s Choice seller however, delivered one single take, managed to gate the audio to hell and back (if you’re a VO you know what I’m talking about, if not, that’s basically cutting out all audio below a certain volume. Too much noice gate = not good!).

The message from the VO Fiverr had selected as their choice wrote “Here ya go! Pls give be good feedback.”.

What do you guys think? Is the “Fiverr’s Choice” a badge of quality, or a badge of being targeted randomly by the algorithm?


It seems to me “Fiverr’s Choice” indicate they are endorsing that particular seller.

If I’m not satisfied with the final delivery, 5r should take responsibility. After all, if I’m buying based on their recommendation, they should have vetted them. :wink:

I’ve bought from TRS with less than quality work so I don’t put any stock into those badge. I go with gut instinct based on the quality of their gigs and writing skills.

I suppose some buyers wouldn’t know that. I think 5r is taking a big risk. What if their choices are mediocre to bad. All 1st time buyers will be turned off and think this platform is a joke. Unfortunately, 5r has low review and trust levels on many sites.

Each his own, I think it’s a random generator. I could be wrong, after all TRS is supposed to be vetted too.

I do admit, that 5r has gotten better at promoting true professionals to TRS lately. That wasn’t always the case though.


No idea. There should be at least some parameters in place, I think. It also may be somewhat based on previous deliveries. I’ve got a few featured reviews for film posters and for a while, all my Fiverr’s Choice orders were for film posters as well (I don’t usually get a lot of those).

That tag seems to generate more bizarre experiences for me than any other tag I’ve ever gotten. I’ve got my first 2* review out of it which was a delightful experience. Then a few people hired me to do something that has nothing to do with the work I put out. Based on the badge specifically, according to them.

I’m not complaining but I do come extra prepared for surprises when a Fiverr’s Choice order rolls in.


If it was totally random the sellers who are here longer would get picked more often. It’s probably based on some info like has been suggested (eg. ratings (including the private feedback), on time deliveries, completion rate etc.). There may be some random element after that. It probably would also take into account the number of Fiverr choice badges it’s already given out currently in that subcategory, and maybe whether/how often it’s previously been given to that gig.


Maybe the “Fiverr’s Choice” has to do with paid promotion that Fiverr offers, or used to offer, to new sellers. Although I cannot say for sure, since I never accepted Fiverr’s offering.

I remember when I first joined, I got a notification inviting me to get promoted in exchange of a percentage of my sales. Right now I can’t recall the exact amount, but I think it was 10%.


I only noticed I had the badge on a gig when an order came in that had some banner telling me to perform outstandingly to get more Fiverr’s Choice orders or something, that wasn’t too long ago; ever since, I’ve had a few more Fiverr’s choice orders, they come and go. Recently, I apparently had the badge on my “second main gig” instead of my bestseller, as an order I got on that gig had the banner. It wasn’t as if I got swamped with orders or anything though, so probably not too much to worry about if one has it or not, or if others have it or not.

It might make it a bit more probable that people order directly without contacting you, so it can be a double-edged sword, depending if one likes direct orders without prior contact, or not.

Oh, just noticed you have a birthday badge :wink: Happy Birthday @smashradio !


it is very helpful for me

I suspect it may be a manual choice, but that the criteria may not make sense to us from a success perspective.

It may be more of public relations initiative to make sellers think Fiverr cares about them and supports them. Doing this for sellers with limited success sends a message to other new sellers.

I somehow doubt the intention is to bring sales to the sellers who have the badge. Weird, I know. But this is Fiverr after all…


I think Fiverr does do it to encourage sales of those gigs though. And most who have the Fiverr’s Choice badge don’t seem to be new sellers (as in level 0). The “Rising Talent” badge might be just for new seller.

You might be right, it might be manual, though I think if it is it’s not totally manual. They might select from a list of gigs that match certain conditions (like low cancellation rate, on time deliveries, good ratings for public and non-public) - or sorted by so that those gigs with the best stats are shown at the top of the list they select from.

Also I think the seller level might be a big part of it, whether it’s a manual selection or an automatic one. Around half the gigs with a “Fiverr’s Choice” badge seem to be from sellers with the TRS badge and very few have level 0/new seller.

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