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Fiverr's choice vs. featured vs. pro vs. top seller

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What do you think the best option from the seller/buyer sides?


The level of seller isn’t important to many buyers - the value of the end product to the buyer, and the quality of service is what counts in my opinion.


Has anyone even confirmed what ‘Fiverr’s Choice’ is?


I agree about the quality of the product. But here in Fiverr I guess buyers can see lever of seller- quality. I mean, if a seller is a top rated seller, that probably means s/he delivers a HQ product and service.

I think this option is not open to all. Some can see and some not. I personally think it’s like an editor choice or something similar.

Maybe It’s regional or just in certain categories

I think, it’s not a suitable time to compare all these features in a single pool becuase at this moment PRO feature is at its ealry development stage and Fiverr’s choice is not duely launched yet and is under testing.
However, it will be interesting to compare them at a later stage.

Alto this pull it just started but it’s look like pro is the leader

You are very right sir!

Level is just for self motivation! Buyers are more confident and alert while ordering now! They know who all are better :blush: they are prompt to pay more but need excellent service

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That is the truth quality and service is most important

Exactly thats what fiverr and buyer likes

You should have gone with dear, my friend or other awesome names :smiley:


I don’t get this question, can you rephrase it?
Are you asking which level offers the highest quality?


I’m asking what is the best title from Fiverr for a gig to have

Thanks for clarifying though because it’s not clear from the initial question.
All of these mean different things so you can’t really compare which title is the best. I’ll skip this vote.


The main idea is what is the top of the cream for the seller side between all of this titles and what is the most important title that bring attention to the buyer .

It seems from this pull that pro is the same like top seller

With such a limited number of votes, most of which are from sellers, I’d be wary of drawing any conclusions from your poll I’m afraid.

Your data is anecdotal at best.


we will wait and see

Level One Seller’s are Best :joy::joy: