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Fiverr's course ! Does taking fiverr courses help in getting more orders?

I just want to get some experience campaigner opinion on Fiverr’s courses. Fiverr is offering making paid to courses to get new skills under your belt. I was thinking of taking one?

The courses won’t have any direct impact on your gigs (they won’t help you rank better, increase your visibility etc)…

The way they could help, is they might make you better at a specific topic, which might help you create a better portfolio, which could get you more buyers. But that’s no different to if you took a course at University, or any other online learning site.

I’m not saying the courses aren’t worth doing, they might well be - but just be clear that they won’t have any direct impact on your Seller profile here.


Remember that you do not get direct sales by doing a Fiverr course. Professional development and credibility should be your goals with it.

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Thank You for your reply.
But Fiverr shows on seller’s profile which courses have this seller taken.

That’s right. What @cubittaudio is saying is to not expect to get sales simply because you have taken the course. You do not get direct sales from it.


I am not saying, I will get the sales but I think it gives an advantage from the other just an opinion.
But I get it. This will not help in getting new clients.