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Fiverr's Cut (payment issues)

I’m a seller and I completed an order for $150, but Fiverr is only giving me $120. The higher I make, the more they take out. Can anyone explain this to me? I’m not complaining, just curious.


Correct. Fiverr take 20% commission.


Fiverr always charge 20% for all order from all sellers. Thanks


Simple: you’re ignorant to how the marketplace operates. You didn’t bother to educate yourself. That’s why you’re asking questions like this: you have inadvertently advertise you don’t know business basics.

Do you really expect Fiverr to run a network of AWS servers, manage offices, hire and manage people, and run a multi-million turnover business, with no cut in their pocket?

Did you not bother reading the terms when you signed up?

Did you not think it prudent to know how the marketplace works before you posted a gig?

I’m not complaining either, or having a go, I’m just curious how someone can sign up to something without knowing how the thing they’re signing up to actually works?

What is it with people here? 99% are destined to fail because they’re unable / unwilling to research anything they need to know, then hope others will spoon feed them the data they can’t be bothered to learn for themselves.

Being autodidactic would seriously help a lot of folks 'round here…


In addition to ignorance of the basics of business, a failure to read and understand the ToS, which she told Fiverr she read and understood to register even though she didn’t.

And why do people sign up and participate in things without knowing what is required of them?

I don’t understand why people won’t even do the most basic research. Then they come to the forum complaining when their laziness has a consequence.


As noted in other replies - Fiverr takes a 20% commission.

You asked “The higher I make, the more they take out. Can anyone explain this to me?”

The explanation is simple:

No matter what you charge in your Gig package, multiply it by 20% or .2, and you will know what your final payment will be when the order is marked complete.

20% commission in fiverr. You understand. I see your amount 120 usd this perfect.
plz explain you main issu. Thanks