Fiverr's Direct bank transfer in Pakistan


I’m looking to use fiverr direct bank transfer method I live in Pakistan so can i withdraw my funds in my local bank account? and which bank best for it in Pakistan? and how much costs Associated with this method? I’m looking for Pakistani freelancers who are already using this method to help me I will be very grateful for this.
Thanks in advance looking forward for your help!


Hi -

I’m still struggling to acquire latest information about this. I had bout of talks with paynoeer customer center, and they shared that Fiverr is not their partner; withdrawing funds from fiverr to Paynoeer will cost $1. From payoneer to local bank transfer will cost 2%. But, I don’t know how much further deductions happen within Pakistan on these amounts. Do you have any experience with this?


I think payoneer to bank transfer is faster than this