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Fiverr's DIRECT DEPOSIT. [ACTIVE - Please discuss new DD feature here]

Hey guys, I just checked my revenues page and I observed that Fiverr has a new payment method. It’s called “Direct Deposit”. Does anybody know what it’s all about? Does it mean we can link our banks directly?

Your post has been marked active and made an “announcement” so that we have one go-to place for discussion on the new direct deposit feature.

I have a posted several messages down that has more information on the feature and some screen shots for those who haven’t seen them. Also, Fiverr is working on some known glitches with the feature. There is no need to report them in the forum or to CS at this time.

Okay. But I guess Fiverr will let us know when it’s due. Maybe it’s one of the updates they made today as announced

I will continue to use Paypal. For some reason there is a $3 charge along with it. It’s not a lot but I would rather get the full amount.

:smiley: Nah. If there were no charges, PayPal won’t make money too

Cant wait to get more info about new feature :slight_smile:

Speaking for myself, I enjoy having the added security of sending my funds to PayPal instead of directly to my bank. I don’t know what kind of account security Fiverr really has, but I know and trust PayPal to process secure transactions. I always get anxious about sharing my direct banking information with any website. In this day and age of leaks and hacks, I just don’t know that I’ll ever be really comfortable sharing my direct banking account details with a large number of sites.

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Eagerly waiting to get the update on this.

If you push the “Direct Deposit” link it will send you an email with this "Adding a Direct Deposit for your Fiverr withdrawals means that any funds you withdraw from now on, will be sent to your newly defined account. If you would like to continue with the process, please click here.

If you did not try to define a Direct Deposit for your account, please report it here"

Before you start doing this, let’s found out what’s going on with this new feature.

So, here is everything I can gather on the feature for anyone who hasn’t been able to use the link and/or get this info. The new feature should eventually be available for everyone but Fiverr is having some issues with it so not everyone will be able to use the feature yet even if it is listed on your Revenue page. As expected, it does come with fees, of course.

I will attach images showing a confirmation email based on the feature and an image regarding the general use and fees. Be aware again,though, if the feature does not work for you at this time, just be patient and give it a few days. No need to submit tickets. Fiverr staff is aware of the issues. Here are the promised images:

Tinypic Maintenance

Superb to see options like this being added.

I may use this instead of PayPal.

Big question is (for me at least) - How long do the transfers take? If it’s instant, that would be amazing. Guessing it’s the whole 3-5 days thing though.

Guess we’ll have to wait for official info from Fiverr HQ!

I want to know can i withdraw USD to my USD bank account? or money will be converted to local currency ?
Paypal’s currency rating is very low and they updated very slowly. i lost 10% of every withdraw so i hope i can receive USD by using this bank transfer.

I hope Fiverr will add more popular payment method Like Neteller

I’m from Indian and “Bank Transfer” option is available from last 2-3 months, never tried though.

So is this direct bank withdrawal actually just a withdrawal to payoneer?

So then you have to wait for it to clear with payoneer, then get it from payoneer to you via another transfer? I am a little confused about how it all works - fiverr can you please explain it in more detail?

I thought it was like on other freelance sites, where direct bank transfer, literally means, you get money deposited into your account, but this seems to be just two different buttons for the same payoneer withdrawal option?

looks good but how secure is this method? i dread to wake up one morning and discover all my money from my bank account gone.

Here is the official Fiverr blog post:

So how long does the direct deposit transfer take then?

Some insight from MODs who maybe have some communication channels to Fiverr staff would be great.

I for one will not make the switch if there is a 3-5 (or longer) day waiting period on direct deposit. I would be happy to test it out by switching to direct deposit, but why in the world can I not switch back to Payoneer or Paypal if I don’t like it?

Yes you are 100% right. now you can withdraw you money by direct to your bank account.

Until I read a lot of positive reviews that this thing is wonderful to use and better than Paypal, I’m going with it. For now, I’m sticking with my basic Paypal method hihihi