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Fiverr's Dos and Donts query

So I was reading this link -

And it mentions not using the Fiverr badges. I won’t link my profile but you can search markmckeown87 and you will see. I do show the fiver logo on each of my gigs’ cover photos. It’s small and in the corner, but do you think this is affecting me negatively? I don’t have any badges of sorts, just the logo itself.

Just curious after reading that point on the page.

Many thanks

Lots of sellers have the Fiverr logo on their gigs. I don’t think it is affecting you negatively. I believe it’s just the badges that they say not to use. Although, I do still see sellers with the badges on their gig images.

[As far as I know] I don’t think the gig images with concerns on the logo and badges found on them can impact you negatively. :slight_smile:

What they may mean is putting a Fiverr badge on your gig that is not the badge you currently hold. I saw a seller with a level two badge on all of his gigs, but he was a level 0 because of being demoted. :slightly_frowning_face:

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