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Lately,Im very frustrated about Fiverr,and this is my experience. Im a veteran seller since 2014. I have over 1500 reviews. I have maintained excellent rating all these years. I have made ten’s of thousands profit to this website.Why am I saying all this?

Because my gigs dropped despite editing them and maintaining great portfolio. Hence, my earnings went from $3000+ to barely $400. I have messaged support many times about this to check whats wrong(answer is automated message to share gig on social media blah blah) and the result is that gigs are still dropping in terms of views, clicks and orders.

My point is
How can a new seller have 10+ orders in queue( providing logo design service like me) and I have 2 orders per week? Dont get me wrong,its nice for new sellers to get pushed a bit,but this is shameful.
Don’t need to tell me to promote on social media or something similar.Because I DO all of that. Problem is clearly Fiverr’s search algorythm.
Many sellers are encountering this issue last few months, so I wanted to start discussion on this.
What are your opinions? Did Fiverr made old sellers eat dust?


I’m also Having same issue. in last few months new buyers are almost gone. just getting orders from old repeating buyers.


You should read my post
"Poker Reaveals Fiverrs Algorithm "
It might explain things.


Over what period of time did your earnings go from $3000 to $400? Was it the past six months or what time frame?

Have you checked to see if anyone has copied your gigs?


Probably Yes.
We as a seller are not important to fiverr comparing to buyers.

I used to earn 1k + each month and last June I only earn less than $100 , maybe it’s FIFA or whatever reason I do not know. The sales just suddenly stopped, no new enquiries, no new buyers, just stop.

Starting July it gets better though. Ironically, after fiverr implement all these crazy rules and ‘new’ feature my gig did sells more and gets better ranking, so I can’t complain that but I actually HATE their new features like blind review, monthly evaluation, lack of transparentcy apply for PRO, test.


I think a bunch of old sellers are facing this issue, and that’s because of the algorithm that doesn’t guarantee your rank even if you have exceptional reviews and a bunch of orders.

Now the algorithm is mumble bumble. New sellers with 30 reviews end up on the ‘Best Selling’ tab and they keep their position for a long time.

Now I’m branching out on other platforms too. Maybe is a good thing as I build a reputation on other platforms.


Many old sellers are facing same problem like you :cold_sweat:


Started approximately 6 months ago, it was the time they experimented with rising talent, pro’s and other nonsense stuff. Yes, checked, nothing found


Thats why name of topic is fiverrs downfall. Most of us probably will quit this platform and go to others if this persists. And problem is best selling tab, you are right.
This problem is adressed long ago and their developers are probably making a barbeque drinking cold beer doing nothing about it.


This is reply from support ( like always ) :triumph:

Hi there Milan,

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Gig.

I have forwarded your request and your Gig to our Editorial Team for review. I will follow up with you in this ticket request #3007656 as soon I have any information for you.

Your patience is appreciated.

Best regards

Worst thing is they never get back to me after they send this message. :lying_face:


Same here and I lost hope that things will get better on this website…

They need to change back many things…

Blocking accounts every day, TOS violations, blind reviews …this constant stress is not worth it. Instead of sellers to be concerning to do a better job, we are all in stress what other change will be done or if we violate another TOS rule…

So being a full freelancer on Fiverr before, now I start building on other platforms as for completing almost 3000 orders here and spend 3 years work on this platform, things should be getting better, not worse…

And how to feel motivated? When I already got 2 ‘Tos violations’, first I never understood what for, second because the file was not attached successfully… So after another one, my account will be deleted? This is just an absurd…


Oh look, yet another person claiming that Fiverr is about to die off. Shocking.


This is my biggest concern with Fiverr. I really just don’t feel safe anymore. I don’t have any account warnings. However, I really don’t see how I will not get one eventually. This is not to say that I intend to break TOS. I absolutely do not. In the past three days though, sellers have reported being reported to CS for non-issues which I myself do encounter regularly.

  • Buyers not being able to understand how to remove watermarks on images
  • Buyers complaining that the wrong files have been delivered when they most certainly have not
  • Random forum usrers/sellers flagging other sellers profiles maliciously

These are simply not things I have time for. Worse, they are impossible for individual sellers to safeguard against.

We are in pretty much the same boat. Every month since May, my orders and messages have been sliding. I’m perfectly fine with having low periods. However, watching sales slump no matter what is very unnerving. I’m also putting it down to new Pros, badges, and search algorithm craziness.

That said, what is really stressing me out is the fact that sales drop of almost instantly after late deliveries and cancellations. Of course, sellers should not deliver late and attempt to avoid cancellations. However, in cases where buyers are scammers or provide zero information to start on orders and don’t reply to messages, things like this are unavoidable.

Then as I sink in the search, new high-priced sellers with dubious credentials start popping up everywhere. I honestly fail to see how this way of doing things benefits Fiverr. In my view, this strategy takes Fiverr from a marketplace to a ponzi scheme which only works by constantly refreshing inself with influxes of new users.

The only good thing about the past 6-months is that they have forced me to up my game elsewhere.


Are you that bored? If you dont have anything smart to say then dont. Dont comment just to comment something…


True true. As I said its nice that new sellers are coming to website and being pushed a bit to flow in some orders. But leaving them at best selling tab on first page with barely 30 reviews is whole another thing. Which I dont agree with.

I was getting 10-15 orders on a daily basis, and still delivered all of the orders on time, without any warnings. And still, sinking in search like you. So yeah i feel you

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yeah i had the same experience few month before


Fiverr probably thinks that old sellers should have built their customer base and have repeat customers. And some have, and don’t depend on the algorithm at all, but what about those who don’t offer a service that people would need over and over and over again?


The repeat buyer phenomenon is in many cases very over-hyped. Someone building a new business website will need content and media for that website just once. Then they may come back to order intermittently when in need of new blog posts etc.

Regular repeat buyers are re-sellers of services. Because of this, when sellers start raising prices to compete with search algorithms which favor higher prices, re-sellers often fall away. This puts sellers in a Catch 22 predicament.

Where previously sellers used to structure gigs which appealed to both new sellers and re-sellers, they now have to target either one or the other. Also, its new sellers who post gigs at higher prices who appear at the top of the search. Existing sellers who increase prices, rarely benefit from increased exposure. - Unless they go Pro.

It’s all a bit of a mess really.


I’m thinking that repeat buyers can be subtly encouraged to buy more if a seller can find ways to offer auxiliary services that compliment the original great service they received. Buyers are quite eager to buy again from a good seller if they can see something similar to what they got before that they were happy with.

I see the problem old sellers are complaining about here is with new truly awful sellers flooding the system. It’s a tsunami of new sellers who shouldn’t be here, have zero to offer, copy the gigs of older sellers, etc.

My gigs sometimes get buried under hundreds of copies of my gigs and service. Buyers are telling me they have purchased copies of my gigs without seeing mine first.


While I dont fully agree with a lot of what has been said above, things like this are extremely strange when it seems like the Rising Talent badge can be extremely dubious or misplaced.

It is hardly surprising then when experienced sellers get annoyed about people being shown ahead of them along with a badge like this that says “Hand-Vetted”.

I mean, from a buying perspective, I would be much happier to see “Hand Vetted” on a gig with 1000 reviews than one with 10.