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Fiverr's facebook ad for me brings new client!

I just got a new client who hadn’t been to fiverr before, but saw an ad on facebook for my gigs. She volunteered that’s how she found me, and found out about fiverr.

Thanks fiverr, your facebook ads work great. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Love that fiverr displays ads for our services in their facebook marketing. :+1:

This had to be targeted well to people who would be interested in my type of service. Fiverr has a great marketing department.


Happy to hear this worked for you! So fiverr’s team advertises people for them?

Yes. At least people have seen ads for my gigs on facebook over the years. I’ve seen my own ads too when I was looking around on google, probably due to having viewed my own gigs. Google shows you things you have looked at before.