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Fiverr's favourite counter broken?


So out of an accident I recently found out that the favourite counter on the fiverr’s gig page is kind of broken.

I did have if confirmed from my mentors and fiverr-using-colleagues that having a large number of favourites won’t help you bring in high amount of sellers. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Here’s how it works:
So what happens is, if you go to your gig webpage. Favourite your own gig which will turn the favourite button to red - meaning you can’t press it anymore. Now Reload the webpage. You will notice that when the the page is being reloaded, your favourite button will turn white, allowing you to click it again, and Voila! You just favourited your gig twice!

I think it has something to do with using front-end validations to see if the user has already favourited the gig or not, or something but seems like it needs fixing.


The button is broken for me in a different way. When I click on the favorite button, it goes from (x) to (10x + x+1) instead of going from x to x+1. So 6 + 1 becomes 67 instead of 7.

@Fiverr CS, please take a look at this bug.


Hahaha. Yeah I noticed that as well…
Good eye!