Fiverr's First Community Event in Greensboro NC - Tue, August 29, 2017


I just received an email relating to this event on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

I assume someone from Fiverr will be along to post more details and particulars, but given that this is an historic event that has never happened before, I’m curious as to what to expect.

What should I expect?

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I want to do this event
But I want that fiverr finance me for this


Here’s a quick and dirty field report.

I had no idea what to expect, but I screwed up my courage and drove 20-some miles to the big city of Greensboro and parked downtown.

Being from a small town where just about every restaurant has ample parking, I was shocked, SHOCKED to find I had to hunt for a spot on the street. Because the venue was a few blocks away, I could have parked in the parking deck beside the main branch of the Greensboro Public Library and gotten my parking validated for the first 2 hours, but if I had gone that route I would have been late.

Given that there was only one free parking space and the car in the space behind me parked over their line, I have to say I did one of the finest parallel parking jobs evah.

If I had taken a picture of my parking job to post here, I’m sure there would be a huge clamor for me to create a gig of myself parallel parking, but I’m just not sure I want to commit to that sort of gig, so I didn’t.

When I entered the venue, I told the greeter team that I was here for the Fiverr event, and some dude whose name I don’t remember told me I was on the second floor.

I looked around carefully, because I had walked in off the sidewalk, and I corrected the dude: “No, I’m definitely on the first floor!”

I then walked up the steps and joined the Fiverr group on the second floor, from which point until I left, I was on the second floor, but just for the sake of accuracy in the historical record, at the time that dude told me I was on the second floor, I was in fact on the first floor.

For the record.

This was the first Fiverr event for this area, so the turnout was light, at about 7 people.

Hopefully, in the future, more Fiverrians in the Greensboro area will attend, as the word gets out that these events are taking place.

My general input for people who are organizing these types of events in the future:

definitely there should be more details in advance of the event, so people have an idea of what to expect, like:

If I go, will I be met with only tumbleweeds? Or will the event be so jam-packed that I’d be wise to wear adult Depends?

Open bar?

Cash bar?

Free appetizers?

Pot luck?

Door prizes?

If I register to attend, will I get a name badge when I check in? Do I check in? Is there a password or a secret sign, like, “Hey, I’m here for the Fiverr event” or flashing five fingers on my left hand? My right hand? Two fingers on the left and three on the right? Should I wear my own name tag? If I wear my own name tag, will that make me look lame? When I registered for the event, I was emailed a ticket. I made sure I could access the ticket on my phone if needed, but it would have been a waste for me to print out the ticket, because at no point did anyone ask to see my ticket, so it would have been nice to know I didn’t need a ticket…

If I show up at 6:30, will they say, “Aww! The cool kids don’t show up till 8:30!”?

If I stay till 8:30 will they say, “Aww! The cool kids left 2 hours ago!”?

Will this event lead to the formation of a local Fiverr Mastermind group where we get our synergy on and have workshops to help us all supercharge our Fiverr sales?

If I wear the wrong color blouse will I be accosted by roving bands of young ruffians flashing gang signs and waving semi-automatic weapons around?

Will I be invited to sit at the cool kids table, or will the cool kids freeze me out?

Given that some Fiverr freelancers are as young as 13, is the venue chosen bearing that in mind?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Haha, that was funny. :laughing: I can imagine such an event held in Bangalore. We will probably have 3-4 people at best wondering why we got to the event in the first place. LOL. [But if there’s a Fiverr event in Mumbai, I would love to attend - wanna meet @ghemachandar1 bhai in person. We will be talking more about politics and investments than about Fiverr though.]


Yep! With so much of Fiverr in life, you don’t want to get it into casual chat too… :smirk:

We will meet… some day… if not in Mumbai, in friendly neighborhood Koramangla Coffee day! (Chances are slim though. Never been to Bangalore even when my brother was there and now he is in Chicago.)