Fiverr's Flagging System Is Useless


Seriously, are we ever going to talk about how useless the Flagging system is? Every other day I have people telling to contact them on WhatsApp, Skype, their facebook and in some cases their e-mails. When I tell them not to communicate outside of Fiverr my message gets flagged immediately. This hasn’t just happened once but multiple times already someone needs to fix this already.


Same case to me ! i have a Question if people Report me on massage are my profile Will be Risk or Not?

cause I have too many people they Found my gig on Search and send me massage to Contact on facebook or Whatsapp ! i ignore and when i back to their massages it says You can’t contact with *** anymore it means *** don’t want to Contact With me.

till i Didn’t report anyone but I reported by many People . is that Any RISK for my profile?


I honestly don’t know man, it’s just broken is what I can tell.


The phrase “outside of fiverr” is probably what gets it automatically flagged. I just say “no” and report them.


How do you know it was flagged or it is just the red message that appears while you are communicating?


I don’t think there’s anything to fix - Fiverr simply automatically flags messages that contain suspect wording such as “outside of Fiverr”, “outside Fiverr”, etc.

You just have to avoid these and rephrase your messages - like the opposite: “all communication must be performed on this site” :wink: Why “go outside” when you can keep it all on the inside? :smiley: