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Fiverr's Genius - Productizing Services (Blog Post)

I thought you all might be interested in this piece I wrote for Fiverr’s blog, based on one of the central, unique value-props for Fiverr - turning services into products.

Here’s a quick overview:

Almost all freelancing work — design, writing, media production, marketing, and more is about providing a service to the client. It’s true they may have a digital (or even physical) product at the end, but it is that act of creation that defines what a freelancer does.

The thing about providing services is…they’re messy. It’s not always clear how long something will take, scope and requirements change, and the amount of effort needed can vary. That introduces uncertainty and risk, for both the freelancer and the client.

This risk manifests itself in several ways — taking longer to deliver, charging more, or creating substandard work. That’s not good for anyone. What buyers and sellers need, is certainty. Enter productization.



This is something I can genuinely agree with.

My only gripe with this is that Fiverr markets the gig we offer as services rather than products which leads to some buyers that just don’t get when the final product has been delivered.

Overall, it’s a solid piece @paulmaplesden

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I too have this issue all the time!