Fiverr's glitches and the life of a lowly freelance writer


Why I have to share my grief here with fellow freelancers? Because perhaps Fiverr’s customer service guys are so much busy with a heap of requests, that they cannot find time to even make the first contact within the given time period. Now here is he text, which I forwarded to CS team:

"Hi! My Content Writing Gig was configured to be in the writing, website content, conversational and then type was Article/Blog Post. Thus whenever a buyer went to Writing and Translation, chose Website Content, chose level two, chose conversational, my gig appeared in top results. It is still the same, however, if they filtered the gigs for conversation and then chose type Article/Blog Post, my gig appeared on much better level. Now this is not the same, somehow, if we choose Type Article/Blog post, my gig does not appear, and if I go and edit my gig, I do not see the option for Type. Please help me with this issue as soon as possible, I was not aware and this affected my order volume. While my competitors still appear in this sub-sub category."

To put it simply, fiverr’s system glitch (optimistically) deprived me of a basic filtering option which helped many buyers find me (Article/Blog post). Ironically, while fiverr’s glitch has only made my job harder, people with reviews lesser than 5 and rating lesser than 96% (mine is 97%) still appear if we narrow down the search and choose Type - Article/Blog post. I have a humble request for fellow freelancers and especially writers who faced this issue, to guide me as to why it happened and what should I do. Regards.