Fiverrs has not responsibilty for sellers money - Must Read


one of The fraud buyer has dispute money from paypal, i had completed his work and sent him complete work report, but after one month he had dispute the amount $64 from paypal, money has deducted from my fiverr balance, i have contacted fiverr supports but they were never responded me correctly… that means they are doing fraud with sellers, sellers money not safe in fiverr balance… “SO BEWARE SELLER - SAFE YOUR MONEY BEFORE ANY FRAUD BUYER DISPUTE MONEY FROM PAYPAL, FIVERR HAS NOT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR MONEY” thats the suggetion for sellers.



Hello Malini

Sorry to hear this and what happened to you, as a seller like you I can say this does happen in isolated incidents. Hopefully it was just a mix up and it will get rectified for you.




not yet, i didnt get my money back yet, fiverr supports not updated me yet that when can i get return my money…


@msinha You will have to continue to work that out with Customer Support. They actually do try to explain the issue to you and sometimes they can help further. Sometimes they cannot. With a PayPal chargeback there are multiple factors involved. Just as one example, if the buyer was using another person’s PP account then they defrauded you and Fiverr, so the real owner of the PP account would have to get the money back. That is fraud on the part of the thief, not fraud perpetrated by Fiverr.

These chargebacks are frustrating and all sellers deal with them at times. All sellers hope that Fiverr can continue to work on ways to get funds returned to sellers IF the dispute was invalid. Your only option is to work patiently with CS. If you speak to them in an unprofessional manner or accuse them of deliberately and personally harming you, it probably isn’t going to help your case. Good luck.


It can take Customer Support sometime to look into your case and come back to you


Okay Thanks Ozzieuk, I will very happy if you give me positive response.


Yes. You’re absolutely right. I agree with you 200 percent. :thumbsup:


@msinha. Ozzieuk is a seller, not Customer Support, so he has already given you a polite comment. You will need to wait for staff to respond to you privately, they are not usually on the forum.