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Fiverr's level system - target achieved but level not granted


Hi Fiverr Community,

On 19th of December, I achieved all the required targets to hit ‘Level One Seller’ and I swear I was extremely happy! I was expecting Fiverr to level me up but instead, there came a no order phase for the first time in 60 days. I always woke up with somewhere around 3,4 messages or one direct order and my conversion rate was somewhere around 25%.
Today, I see that the ‘Days without warning countdown (of 30 days) has started again’! All of a sudden? why? Can someone help me to resolve this, please? I’ll be very grateful.
Eagerly awaiting a response.

Akanksha Mishra (melliflousvoice)

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Level one requirement completed but still in New seller

Fiverr evaluate in the middle of every month. Next evaluation will happen on January 15, then you’ll be level up to the level 1 seller.


If your days without a warning has reset then you must have received a warning from fiverr. It would have appeared when you logged in as a notice and then you read it through and accept the terms to be allowed to carry on so you must have seen this when you logged in.


@subho_ghosh Thanks buddy, I hope this new countdown ( days without warning) won’t hamper my previous efforts.

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As @ mediamonarch mentioned, you have received a warning from Fiverr. If you didn’t received any warning, contact support.


Yes it happened yesterday, but that was past my 60 days timeline. It shouldn’t matter, right?


via email? Could you mention it here, please?


So you have received a warning from Fiverr.
Unfortunately, this is a very bad news for you, because you’ll not be promoted to level one seller on January 15 evaluation. You’ve to wait for the February 15 evaluation.

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@melliflousvoice This is how it works:

Let’s say the 30 days without warning was reset today (which means you received a warning from Fiverr today), you will ONLY be eligible for a level up on the 15th of February 2019. You will, unfortunately, not be eligible for a level up on the 15th of January because 15th of January still falls within the 30 day penalty period. I hope you understand.

You also need to understand that you don’t get an automatic level upgrade as soon as you meet all the requirements for the next level. You have to wait until the next 15th of a month for the upgrade as Fiverr only reviews sellers’ accounts (to see if they’re eligible for a level up) once every month (on the 14th or 15th of every month). You also need to keep maintaining ALL THE REQUIREMENTS UNTIL the next 15th for you to successfully level up your account.

If you are unsure of why you received a warning (provided it is not a mistake on Fiverr’s end), I would suggest that you carefully go through Fiverr’s ToS and Policies. There’s nothing more dangerous than not knowing why you received a warning from Fiverr as that would open up the chances for you to unknowingly violate the ToS yet again!

I hope it is not too complicated for you to understand.

Good luck! :snowflake:


Thanks a lot! You took away all my worries. Will be careful from now on. Wish you good times ahead :slight_smile: