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Fiverr's license option just cost me a bad review!

Last June 2, Fiverr set out to place a license option on ALL of my gigs and even set a price for them. I had no idea this was going on until one of my buyers suddenly purchased the gig extra for a whopping $15 WHICH I DID NOT PUT THERE and left me a scathing review because I didn’t mention the license. Of course I wouldn’t mention it, I DID NOT PUT IT THERE! With some other gigs, yes, I have to charge for license, but this particular gig, I DO NOT CHARGE A LICENSE FEE AT ALL!!! Even my previous clients never had to pay it because I NEVER CHARGE FOR IT! And even if I will, I wouldn’t charge $15 for it! Now I’m left with a very disappointed buyer and a 3 star review. Can’t even give a partial refund coz Fiverr support says it can’t be done.

To be clear, I’m not mad at the client, although I really wish they’d contacted and asked me about the license fee first before purchasing it. I’m just really angry at fiverr right now for tampering with my gigs. Now I have to check them one by one.

To all those who haven’t checked yet, you might want to check your gigs if Fiverr suddenly started adding the license extra and charging astronomical for it.

Never heard of that before :confused:

Why would the guy have needed to pay the ‘license fee’ anyway? You had already delivered the content. He could have just avoided paying for it.

Reply to @ryangillam: Exactly. I delivered the raw file because he paid for it. For me, when I deliver a raw file, that’s as good as licensed. And in this particular gig, a caricature, I don’t need to ask for a license fee because it’s too personalized for me to make any future use of. I was just stunned that he suddenly ordered the gig extra. I did ask if that if he needed anything, that he should contact me and suddenly, it’s already purchased and the review is already in place. I seriously wish the buyer had contacted me, I would’ve immediately done something about it and not charge him at all.

I guess I’ll just have to charge this to experience.

I noticed that some of your Gigs mention commercial licenses for an additional charge. But, they are mentioned in the description and not as Gig Extras. Are you saying that Fiverr messed with your Gig descriptions?

Reply to @gwendy730: Why not message customer support and find out how that happened? You won’t have to deal with the negative feedback if it is their fault.

Reply to @ricksper: I already removed the license option placed by fiverr. It’s indicated by a blue LICENSE logo. What happened was, in some gigs, I already offered the license as a gig extra. What Fiverr did in June 2 was to add ANOTHER gig extra for the license, when I already have it, and in some gigs like the caricature, I do not offer it at all. If I were to offer it in my caricature, I would only charge $5 at most. It was fiverr who decided on the $15 and that’s just wrong.

Reply to @ryangillam: It’s not exactly a bad review, it’s a 3 star review which is considered a positive review. This is the first 3 star review I ever received so I’m really pissed. Nothing can be done. I guess I just have to count my blessings that he didn’t give me a lower review.

@gwendy730 that stinks I would contact him with a nice message and tell him you will give him 3 other options of his current design to make up for the $15 license charge that you did NOT know would be added. The fact that he left you 3 stars instead of 1 tells me he seems like a good buyer and will remove the 3 stars if you contact him with your case. Honest mistakes happen all the time :slight_smile: You’ll turn that 3 stars into 5 stars I have faith :slight_smile:

Reply to @geniusbranding: I hope so. I actually already contacted him and apologized and explained the mistake. And yes, I actually did offer to do another caricature for him to offset the extra fee he had to pay. No response yet though.

To be honest, I don’t care if the review gets removed or not, it’s still considered positive at 3 stars, but I am very much upset with fiverr. Hopefully this won’t happen again.

Reply to @gwendy730: Something can be done. You can message customer support and they will deal with it for you. Just mention the situation. A 3 star review is just 60% positive, which will bring down your rating drastically.

The license was automatically added to all illustration and voice over gig on June 2nd. You should have received an email though. I got an email saying it was going to be added and if you do not wish this to be published on your gig extra it had to be removed.

Sorry you had a bad experience! Glad you caught it early though.

As others have mentioned, Fiverr sent an email notifying eligible sellers of the new extra and also posted a notice on your gig page. Plus, the extra is an option a buyer would have to add to an order. It’s not automatic. So if a buyer complained, then it’s their own mistake. Sorry it created a bad experience for you though.

I think it’s really crappy of Fiverr to add extras to gigs for sellers. Even if they do email you and give you a notice, why add the extra and price it automatically? How about adding it as an option but turned off by default?

The only reason I can think of is hoping some buyers will be suckered in and that makes extra $$$ for Fiverr. If you search the forum for Commercial License you’ll find others talking about it. It’s not just illustration gigs now either, it was later added to voiceover gigs from what I understand. Sorry @gwendy730, I think this was wrong.

Thank you guys. Yes, I actually did receive that notification before they implemented it but I forgot that it was supposed to start on June 2 til the buyer bought the license. Yes, I do believe it’s something fiverr left it on by default to sucker in buyers to paying more, which just sucks because we’re here to make sure to deliver great customer service to our clients. Yes, while I am not angry at the buyer, it was his mistake to purchase it. If he didn’t like it, he could have messaged me and avoided this fiasco, especially since I told him to message me in case of any problems with the delivery. I’m not above price haggling. But what’s done is done, will just have to be careful with whatever new system changes fiverr implements.

the buyer gave you 3 stars because you took forever to get it to him. nonetheless, one so so review won’t hurt, you have 99%.

Reply to @customrapsongs: I was late on the delivery, yes, I admit, and to be clear, I had kept the buyer updated on that and the buyer said he understood and was willing to wait. He gave me the 3 stars because of the $15, which I said, I never put there.

Hi Gwendy, as a Seller who has also been a Buyer of yours, I’m happy to share some personal feedback on what I think may have happened here with this situation. Feel free to send me a direct message if you’d like to talk.

Reply to @gwendy730: Did you offer to refund it?

Reply to @gwendy730: but did he say that in the review, did the buyer comment he was giving 3 stars because of the extra fee? If not, even if you update a buyer on late delivery, it’s still delivered late so they may still view it as 3 stars.

Why is the commercial license only issued for art and video? Why doesn’t it apply to the copyright of written materials? Does anyone know? How much does it cost to get this license? And, does the license apply per gig?