Fiverrs making buyers feel guilty


I have purchased 87 gigs in just the last few months. I have been generally very happy with my purchases and have met some truly talented people. My issue is that I was contacted by a person in India after posting a gig request. We agreed on my purchasing 20 gigs for a project that I needed done, which is mostly just creating pages for my client’s to keep track of information for their social events. As I was about to purchase the gigs, the seller contacted me and said that fiverr takes too much money and they needed me to pay them through paypal as there were people depending on them to eat!

I felt bad, I did not know fiverr took that much from each gig and unfortunately I caved in. I felt funny about this and voiced my concern, the person then tried to extort another $400 from me for the gig! I notified fiverr immediately ( lost my deposit on paypal…my fault…shame on me). Fiverr responds with an email hand slapping like I am the one who tried to rip them off!

I’m kind of pissed that the person who is actively defrauding both fiverr and the buyers doesn’t get in any trouble…she said its because she is a level 2 seller and I do get scolded like a child.

I think I will be moving on to another similar site to spend my hard earned money.


Also, contact paypal and file a dispute. Maybe you’ll get your money back through them. This is why fiverr doesn’t allow offsite transactions as they don’t want to be responsible for that which I agree with.

Good luck!


yup complain to paypal they can probably help you


Hi, You can actually force him/her to get your deposit back. In India, Paypal has a strict rule of same day withdrawal, i.e you cannot keep deposits in paypal for more than 24 hours else it will automatically withdraw to the bank account linked to the account( Due to RBI Rules). If you initiate a dispute than the amount will be disputed and the seller will have a -ve balance on paypal which will freeze his account and seize all his operations via paypal. You may say that he can open a new account but he/she cannot because Paypal India requires PAN Card Number ( Income Tax Permanent Number) which can only be linked to one account. This PAN card cannot be reissued as its only issued once in a lifetime ( unless he/she has some fraudulent means). So, he/she will be stuck with no other option but to refund anc claim his paypal account back. You are in win win situation if you file your dispute with ample proof.

I’m from India and know that any guy/gal with a Computer/Internet has no one dependent on him/her and that too income via web is very limited. I bet he/she is a 15-20 year old trying to get some extra cash.


According to fiverr you cannot use any other methods than paying through fiverr. Because they don’t want the buyer or the seller to risk their money.

Fiverr takes 20% off the 5 dollars. So the person only gets 4 dollars. And from withdrawing money into paypal, paypal they also take a percentage of the money withdrawed and she. They convert the currency.

The seller should be aware that they only get 4 dollars and that 20 percent is used to help their gig gets promoted.

If they wanted more money then they should add more gig extras.

For example 5 dollars is approximately 3 pounds

However 20 percent is taken so I would get 2.5 pounds. As a seller I should ignor the face that fiverr takes 50 p from me from each sale and adjust my mind and say that each seller pays me 2.5 pounds.