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Fiverr's message review policy needs some fine tuning

Beware! If you’re new to Fiverr you’ll want to read ALL of this…I just had a gig where a buyer sent me an order and it started off like this:

  1. Buyer places his order for a voice over and sends this:

    Would love it ASAP please :slight_smile:

  2. Me: What would you like me to say? I have quite a few orders ahead of you but will try. You can order express if it’s really important and I’ll move you to the front of the line, but either way I’m going to need you to send me a script. :slight_smile: Thanks, John

  3. Buyer: I did! it’s this… [THERE WAS NOTHING THERE]


  4. Buyer: Told you it was short :slight_smile: [NOW I’M THINKING THIS GUY IS A TROLL]

  5. Me: I don’t have time for this…please accept this mutual cancellation.

  6. Buyer: Why are you trying to cancel?

  7. Me: Did you read my reason in the mutual cancellation request? Please stop the harassment. I’ve got a full load. Thanks, John

  8. Buyer: Wow! What great customer service.

    Then the buyer goes on to decline the mutual cancellation twice. Now I’m really thinking he’s a troll. I cancel again and start checking the thread about every 15-30 minutes. About 6 hours later I get a notification saying the buyer has updated the thread. Only problem I scroll to the bottom and see no update. I’m thinking, “what the hell”. So, I refresh several times, check again, and again…

    The update was message 4) If you’re reading this carefully you’ll see that I left 4) out above.


    Fiverr reviewed it because of the word, “MONEY” and delayed it. So, I’m thinking this guy is a troll and he’s thinking I’m a jerk. Truth is I would’ve stopped what I was doing to spend 3 to 5 minutes recording this short blurb. Instead, because of Fiverr’s review policies I now have a buyer who thinks I’m an uncaring jerk.

    So the moral of this story. I understand the policy and why Fiverr does it, but they should figure out a way to mark the message as, “Content Under Review”…

    Makes me wonder about past messages I’ve sent and how many of those were delayed. SMH, I will be more careful in the future. I’m going to make sure my buyers are aware of delays but Fiverr could make it easier by BANNING people after the fact INSTEAD of disrupting the business of honest, loyal buyers and sellers.

Write “cash” instead of money, or write “m oney”. Or write whatever you want on a word document and attach it.

I agree with you, I get that Fiverr doesn’t like people asking for direct payments, but I get a ton of buyers asking me for brand names, headlines, websites, etc, about making money. So I get the same warning you get, which is why I follow the advice I just gave you.

Wow I need to read that policy again, this could happen to anyone.

I’ve had a similar issue in the past. Mine was because the buyer was sending instructions via regular messages which are apparently more heavily moderated than gig instructions.

I think there is wayyyyyyyyyyy too much automatic moderation here. I get it. I know they are trying to protect themselves, as well as buyers and sellers but it clearly gets in the way of doing business.

If anything automatic moderation should send a flag for someone to actually review rather than just not sending the message etc.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I think I’m going to create a video that warns buyers about this. I know I’m going to be very careful when I send something back to a buyer for clarification from now on.

I’ve sent buyers a sentence that had a word like “money” in it to get clarification on how to read another word and the red box and warning popped up. I thought, what the hell, I didn’t violate any rules. BUUUUUT, if Fiverr’s going to over-moderate this stuff then I’m not going to disregard the warning anymore.

I’ll either record a question and send it as an mp3 or I’ll upload it to a text file. Now I think I know why it’s taken some buyers so dang long to respond to my questions. FIVERR has it in their comment moderation que. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Reply to @phoenix7813: I agree, they should moderate it after the fact as opposed to holding up everybody’s work day. At the very least they could send an automatic message in it’s place that says, “The Seller/Buyer sent you a message that is being moderated”…

As a buyer I once got fed up with a goofy seller and told him to send me the invoice so I could get him paid and that I would make sure he got positive feedback.

Fiverr sent me a warning that said, “Not only is this against our TOS, but it’s NOT cool”… As you can imagine, this really irked me!

Do they have a list of words that will cause message reviews to occur? That would certainly be helpful.

Reply to @vainpaper: You’ll know it when you do it… The box will turn red and you’ll see a warning… I thought it was just a reminder and never thought that it would cause any kind of delay.

I just thought the red text and box was a warning. Could this be why I am not getting as many gigs? I had one buyer who spent two days talking about the gig he wanted, but then when he ordered it and I delivered he was not happy. Could that have flagged my account as a seller too?

That actually explains a lot, I just started selling on fiverr and I ask a lot of questions that trigger that red box to show up. I noticed that I would scroll back through a message to get some information and seemingly missed messages would suddenly be there, I thought I was just missing the messages. I guess from now on I’ll have to start attaching word files to ask questions.

hi there, i accidentally share a link with my client that contains the word money in it by using mobile fiverr app.
i didn’t see any red mark.
now my message is under review for 24 hours .
what should I do.
I’m so much worried about it .
please let me know…