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Fiverr's Messaging System Not Working?

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? I respond to a message and it still shows up unread without my response.

i dont get why it isnt on the fiver news tab. this should be there just so users get to know whats goin’ on.

I agree there should be a fiverr system that acknowledges when something goes wrong. Excessive emails and messages to CS will only delay them. If we are all having an issue, then it’s likely they know, but a little reassurance from them would go a long way on the frustration levels.

I had someone place an order today, but it’s not showing up in my to-do list yet; however, I can still work on it while waiting because I was able to see what it was about by clicking on it in the message bubble thingy majiggy. If you run out of time because of a fiverr issue, then I’m sure it won’t be held against you. And if it is… so what? It’s not the end of the world. We should all know by now not to wait until the last minute to submit orders because Fiverr has become pretty famous with their constant technological hiccups… just par for the course.

Reply to @ramnati:

I absolutely 100% agree with what you’ve said. I wonder tho why such an established and professional website doesn’t have this already, a maintenance status is a MUST HAVE in any time sensitive service.

yea… fiverr is acting up again… the cache issue… not message… all orders are doing the same thing

Yes! having the same issue! Hope they will fix it quickly!

Same issue. Thanks for asking - I feel better knowing it’s not just my account!

I have uploaded work it still says need to do but when I go into it it sayes deliver again

I am new just worried I am going to run out of time as all my Gigs are express.

Yes I have the same issue and I thought that is problem of my browser :slight_smile: Lets hope they will fix quickly

I can’t seem to deliver an order as well. Every time I try to deliver it, the page doesn’t update, and it’s even giving me the wrong time.

Oh, I was going crazy trying to figure out what was going on. 'm getting notifications that messages have been sent/order have been updated, but nothing on the actual page or dialogue. I’ve delivered orders, but the orders are staying in my to do, with no evidence of delivery accept that I no longer have an active “Deliver Now” button, just a “deliver again.”

Same here. I hope fiverr checks into this soon. I have clients waiting for an answer. And from reading this thread, there seems to be problems with orders as well. Where is Fiverr support when you need them

Not just messages, I can’t deliver, the order is marked as delivered, but nothing updated on it. I tried to send a message on the order and inbox, none of them work.

I also can’t see what modification the customer wants, only that there is a modification requested.

I am also having the same issue. I already sent in one ticket before I realized there was an issue. Someone placed an order and it has started but is not showing up with any information.

@hironan I just had the same problem. I think I delivered it about 3-4 times.

This is really frustrating. Has anyone heard from Customer Support?

this is not good for new sellers that were just getttin started on their first gig.

this problem is happening again and again these days fiverr should do some thing.

Please be patient people, let’s not make it harder submitting 100000000 messages repetately. It should be fixed ASAP, fiverr people aren’t dumb :slight_smile:

Reply to @nigellus:

One thing that will help is when system wide issue like this happens, fiverr acknowledge it and show alert or systems status of some sort on dashboad of all users. This will help the support by minimizing number of people logging tickets also keep buyers, sellers informed and not get in to communication issue